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Has anyone had cervical disc replacement surgery?

Hi.  I've been diagnosed with multilevel degenerative disc disease c-4 through c-7.  I'm now 43 years old.  I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment.  I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine.  I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.  Thanks, Jolene
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I have had 2 steroid spinal injections and considering back surgery. I am a diabetic therefore at higher risk. Back problems for 16 months now. Retrolisthesis @ L3 & L4, degenerative disk disease with bulging disk. I am 56 years old. My question to you is your history of back problems that now brings you to this point. My neurosurgeon said from my MRI results my surgery would require going in from the front and back and 3-4 month recovery. I continue to gain weight because on my inability to be more mobile and am wits end what to do next.
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My husband just had this surgery on Jan. 2. they went in from the front, replaced 2 discs with synthetic or cadaver bone and secured them. He will wear a soft collar for about a month. He can't drive for a month. He has some shoulder pain , b ut otherwise is doing very well. He's been up and around since the evening of the surgery, but he isn't allowed to bend or lift anything over 10 pounds. This is a relatively common surgery that apparently usually has good results.  Good luck if you hav it done.
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zodiac4:  Did your husband have a cervical disc replacement or was it a discectomy and fusion?  There are now replacement discs approved for the cervical spine, though I don't think many doctors are doing them yet.  These are what I'm trying to get info on.  The one I've heard good things about is the ProDisc-C, but information sources are limited, so I thought I'd ask on this site.  Hope your husband recovers quickly.  Jolene
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just had c5-6 c6-7 removed and fused.  suceess. was better that day.  i had pain for 1 day was in surgery the following week and am running again six weeks after.
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After having 2 cervical disk surgeries, I thought your answer about using your brains to be very nonchalant about a very serious surgery.  Yes, many people do have success with their surgery but others do not.  My pain was relieved after both of mine but returned the first time after a year and a month and the second time after 6 months.  I thought I was perfectly fine after my surgery too.  If I were you, I wouldn't be quite as confident about my feeling well.  I too felt wonderful and was able to run, exercise, etc. for a short while and then the incredible pain returned.  Beware of taking this surgery too lightly.  It is worth it for the time that you have without pain, but be careful of speaking too soon about how great you feel.
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My uncle had 3 on C level fusion back in the mid 80's. He came through just fine after a long healing process. He was in his late 50's then.  I believe they went through the front and he had to wear a collar for awhile.  I believe the surgeries done now come out much better and the "tools" and "substances" used have come a long way.  On his they used some of his hip bone for the fusion.  He complained more about hip pain than neck pain. Good Luck with your surgery and don't take it as lightly as other poster did. Everyone is different in the way they heal and some push themselves through the pain when they should not.
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I just had an artificial disc inserted C5/C6 on January 25.  There are no artificial discs approved by the FDA yet, you have to get into a clinical study.   The clinical study I'm in compares the Kineflex C artificial disc with standard discectomy and fusion.  There are a few studies out there comparing two different discs.  I was lucky to randomize into the study group, but was in so much pain I would have been happy with a fusion.

I was in hospital overnight, came home with oral pain meds which I had cut the dosage in half by day 4. I'm not taking any now. On Feb 2 I saw my doc and we dumped the neck brace.  I can do pretty much what I want to, but am a little stiff and sore in my shoulders and the back of my neck.  The incision is in the front, about 1" long.  I still need to take it easy for several more weeks, but can drive, work, and do non-jarring exercise at will.  

Go to http://clinicaltrials.gov/ to learn more.   Good luck!

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I had C5 and C6 done 9-13-06. They put in a titanium disc and steal cage (plate) It worked great. No coller and was walking six miles on my third week. Some stiffness not bad. If I overdo it I hurt some but manage the pain.
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Hi, I am 29 year old. For no apparent reason, I have moderate disc herniations at 3 levels, C4-C5, C5-C6, and C6-C7. Currently, I have slight pain/tingling in my left arm. I am feeling depressed having this problem at such an young age. I live in DC. Both Neuro and spine surgeons recommeded Cervical disc surgery. So I might have the surgery in about a month or two. Someone, please let me know the longterm impact of the surgery. Please post any more info, I may need to know.
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I had the Kineflex disc inserted C5/C6 also - On April 10. I am still in a lot of pain in neck and shoulders and taking vicodin and valium. Experiencing severe headaches again and some symptoms in arms and hands as well.
How are you doing now? Have you had any problems? Dr. is recommending biofeedback for me.
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I am searching for multilevel artificial cervical disc surgery. Where did you have surgery done?
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I had c4-7 fused and had titanium plating and bone grafting. The surgery went well, but I am experiencing bilateral arm pain and pain in my shoulder blades. i know the surgery had to be done , It was done at Akron general medical center by a neurosurgoeon
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Check out the Prestige Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement.  It was approved late summer.  I heard from Tammylin that she was in the trial and has pain again, possibly because doc did not remove all spurs when he did the surgery.  I am having it done soon, my doc happened to be one doing it, or I would not have known about it!  If your doc doesn't do it, he will probably recommend what he is familiar with.  Also, the same company is now working on multiple levels.  I did not want fusion, was willing to wait and deal with it like you, but am excited that motion is kept and also adjacent discs are not under more pressure as with fusion.  The web site lists surgeons that have the training.  Good luck to you and to me also.
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i just had artificial cervical disc replacement done on c5\c6 on nov 12, it has now been a week.  I am doing well so far, pain in shoulders and back of neck and incision area but that is to be expected.  I am hopeful this will work for me, my doctor only does this on patients in good health otherwise and having good bone structure.   She said the day of surgery that there is also a chance that when she gets in there the disk might not fit and she would have to do fusion instead.  These disks only come in a few sizes.   I had my surgery done by Dr Joan O'Shay in Marlton, NJ.   I will answer any questions that you have.
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Hi Jolene

I have just had c4/c5 disc replacement & c5/c6 acdf  and I cannot really say how i am feeling at the moment other than in real discomfort.but its only 3 days since surgery I have noticed that my burning sensation in my legs has disappeared but I still seem to getting alot of nerve pain  so I will have to update further in a couple of days to see if any further changes.I know something I wouldnt wish this on anyone .

spk agan soon michelle
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I am about to have CDR on my C5-C6 on Feb 5th. I already had a Posterior Lamino Framenotomy on my C6. With my Profesion, I am at much higher risk for re injury than most people, and well yeah I reinjured it, and my nuero surgeon gave this as an option and it sounds decent, my question is what is the rehab like, because he said i would be back to functional in 6 weeks with no rehab, but with this I'm not so sure about "no rehab" so i was just wondering.
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I had artificial disc replacement but in lumbar L4/5....done by one of the "best" doctors in the world...so advertised.. I spent entire year after ADR in bed, couldnt sit or stand, in horrific pain. My surgeon (in Germany, Straubing) said that he doesnt see any problem...while all other doctors from USA, France, Netherlands, UK and even Germany-clearly could see that the disc that was put in me is almost 2X too tall and prior to the surgery I had a collapsed disc (bone on bone) and degenerated hyperthrophied facets-which are absolute contraindications to the ADR. I had a revision done 3 months ago and it was the most horrid surgery that anyone could imagine...Having hard time recovering.
Before going for ADR, please, research as much as possible about contraindications and you conditions. I am posting on a different forum and there are number of people who either had a revision after ADR or are still searching for answers there...My username there Job13 and the topic name 'One year hell ADR in Germany. Revision Prodisc to fusion'.
I found a lot of very useful info there about ADRs and fusions...prons and cons. Check it out-it might be useful to learn more before going into the surgery! I dont want anyone ending up like me, at 33 y.o....
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I too am having pain months later after my two surgeries.  What are you going to do about your pain?  Another surgery?
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I actually have found a wonderful pain management doctor who has done radio frequency and cauterized the nerve endings in my neck.  For a while, I had no pain at all but it has returned and I plan to have this procedure done again.  You may want to check this out.  It may not work for everyone but has been a lifesaver for me.
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I have never heard of radio frequency and cauterizing the nerve endings.  How do they do that and how long will it be effective?
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The doctor goes in your neck like having an epidural and uses a fluroscope to cauterize the nerve endings using radio frequency.  I am not sure how many doctors do this, but for me it has been a lifesaver.  Check out the pain management doctors in your area to see if any of them do this.  If so, it might be worth your time to meet with them and discuss the possibilites of this helping you.
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The Prestige is the only one at this point that is FDA approved and just recently.   It can also only be used on one level as it is too bulky.  I am having this surgery done on 2/21 so can't tell you what it's like after.... yet.  But I have multiple problems C4/5 C5/6 C6/7 - mostly suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain for the last 8 years.  Waited for this as fusing all three discs would have left me unable to move my neck and I am only 43 and didn't want to go there.  If you have other questions, I would be happy to help if I can.  
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I am having disc repacement surgery c5/c6, shitting myself 38 years old, really do not want to go through with it but can not stand the pain.
anybody had this treatment done?
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don't worry,Make sure you know the facts synthic cervical discs are out
there pro disc c find a doctor that does them. if you get fusion doctors using tebeckar steel for bone graph has a high fusion rate.

if you got the money go to germany. In the US the fda will not use studies/results form the other
countries even though most of the synthic discs are made here in US(Medtronics) for onelevel.Single level fusion pro disk c has been approve call the company and see who doing it nearest you I wish
it woud have been available to me. I have had c5/c6 fuse and as above statements this has gone south after a year and now c4 disc isnow going. What we have going for us is an inefficent FDA
where there is help out there but we cannot get it.

hop u do well
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