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Help explaining my MRI Report

Here is my MRI can someone help explain this to me and if the noted issues should still be causing pain.  I am going to a new Doctor on Tuesday for ongoing issues and a second opinion.  My current Surgeon after looking at this MRI says that nothing is wrong with me.  I should have no pain complaints.  but I do.  Daily to the point that I am in tears constantly unless I take pain meds then it is still there but I can tollerate it.

There is a normal alignment of the lumbar vertabra.  The vertabra are normal of apperance.
There is a central disc desiccation of the l3-l4-l5 and s1 discs.  There is minimal discs space height loss.  The conus of the cord at L1 is normal in appearance.  There is a slight central bulging of the T11-T12 disc hich does not compromise the lower thoracic spainal canal.

There are posterperative changes of the laminotomy on th left at L5/S1.  There is some effacement of the epidural fat in the left lateral and posterior spinal canal at the surgical site.  There is aposterior displacement of the s1 root at this level on the left.  There is a mild left paracentral protrusion of the disc here.  This is similar in pattern but not as prominent in extent to the prior examination.  There is some enhancement of the epidural sace in the mid and posterior operative site.  The facets are minimally hypertropic here.  There is minimal foraminal narrowing laterally.

The L1-l2, l2-l3, and l3-l4 discs do not protrude.  There is no significant facet hypertrophy or foraminal compromise at these levels.

At L4-L5 there is a mid right laeral bulging of the disc.  There is no compromise of the central canal.  There is some mild thickening of the igamentum flavum noted.  The changes produce some mild to moderate foraminal narrowing on the right and minimal foraminal narrowing on the left side.  There is no compromise of the central canal.
1) there is a mild persistent or recurrent left paracentral protrusion of he L5-S1 disc with some psterior displacement of the S1 root.  There are changes of laminotomy here with epidural fibrosis in the mid and posteior operative sites.

cervicale spine

Findngs:  There is a flattening of the cervical lordosis.  There are surgical changes consistent with disc space fusion and anterior plating at C6/7 since the last examination.  There is some increased signal in focal vertebral body lesion at T2 again demonstrated which is unchanged from the lat study.  The forament Magnum is norma.  There is no cervical cord lesion demonstrated.

At the surgical evel of C6/7 the compromise of the central cervical spinal canal secondary to the disc protrusion has been relieved.  There is still some thickening of the posterior longitudinal ligament and of the ligamentum flavum at this level approiximating of the cervical cord.  There is no direct compresson of the cord.  There is mild foraminal narrowing bilaterally which is siilar to the preoperative study.

The C2/3 disc do not protrude.  There is no foraminal compromise at these levels.

At C4/5 there is a mild left paracentral dis protrusion.  This aproximates the cord at but does not impress upon the cord.  There is no significant framinal compromise laterally.

At C5/6 the disc does not protrude and neural foramina remain patent.
At C7T1 there is no disc protrusion observed.

The contrast studies do not demonstrate any significant enhancing abnormality.  There is a suggestion of some slight enhancement of the T2 vetebral body lession however.

Postoperative changes of disc space fusion plating anteriorly at C6/7 wiht relief of the stenosis of the stenosis of the cervical spinal canal since the last examnation.\

There is mild persisten narrwing of the spinal canal at C6/7 due to thickening of ligaments.  This approximates but does not impress upon the cord.

There is a mild left paracentral protrusion of the C4/5 disc which is stable in apearance.

There is a nonspecific lesion in the T2 vertebral body whihc may be an atypical hemangioma.
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