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Herniated disc?


A couple of weeks ago I did a series of dead lifts at 135 lbs. A couple of days later I did it again. About a week later I started feeling a pinching pain on the left side of my lower back just above my hips. It's worsened a bit, but no classic symptoms of shooting pains in the butt and down the legs. No loss of bowel/bladder function. I can move around just fine, but if I move the wrong way I get a fairly sharp pinch. My doctor doesn't believe that this is a slipped/ruptured disc, but I wanted another opinion.

Thank you!

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Hi Ed,
You are certainly entitled to a second opinion. I know form personal experience that you don't have to do much to herniate your back.  I actually originally herniated my back while picking up a week for our yard, I stood up and I couldn't move.  It literally took the wind right out of me, I couldn't walk from room to room in our home it was so bad and it did go down my left leg.  You could certainly have a mild herniation.  The first line of treatment is normally oral steroids.  They help to shrink the disk and hopefully get it to fit back in the proper spacing between your vertebrae.  If I can help you any feel free to message me.  Hope you feel better soon.
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