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I need someone who actually knows what they're talking about to help

i recently took a cat scan due to back pain that i've been experience for the past six months, i took it to my doctor across the street and for some strange reason i don't believe that he knows what he's talking about, he interpreted my results as the following, you have two kidney stones which aren't causing any of your pain and what's wrong with you we probably can't fix. here's the actual results.


Left Rib Pain

Noncontrast CT of the chest is submitted with axial, sagittal, and coronal images obtained.
There is a small, 4-5mm pulmonary nodule present within the posterior aspect of the right middle lobe and a similar finding present involving the left upper lobe near the major fissure. No other parenchymal masses are seen, and there is no pleural effusion or pneumothorax. Bone windows show no specific abnormalities of the left or the right ribs.
No abnormal hilar or mediastinal masses are seen. Triangular-shaped soft tissue in the anterior mediastinum is likely du to some residual thymus.
Views of the upper abdomen demonstrate small nonobstructing calculi within the kidneys bilaterall, especially the right kidny.

There are two small, 4-5 mm pulmonary nodules as discussed above
No specific left rib abnormality.
Bilateral renal calculi incidentally noted

Exam #

Left sided rib pain

Frontal view of the chest and additional views of the left sided ribs were obtained.

No acute displaced fracture is seen. The lungs are clear, heart and mediastinum appear unremarkable, and there is no significant pleural effusion or pneumothorax.

Please help me this is very urgent
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please help someone anyone
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Im really sorry that you didnt get the support you needed from your dr.My close friend is sitting here with me and she is a nurse so she has passed this on to me. The Cat scan does appear to indicate that you have kidney stones(calculi). This is a chest xray so will not show up issues in your spine.They were checking for rib fractures which was negative .Also you dont have a lung infection or fluid on the lungs. The stones that you have dont appear to be blocking the tubes from your kidneys which is good. However kidney stones can be really painful and can cause real  pain in your back. There are treatments for stones depending on their position and size. You need a more supportive dr, who recognisises that it is a  very painful condition,which is scary in itself and can discuss with you what you can do. Get another Dr if you can. Good Luck
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It is my understanding that MRI is needed to diagnosis degeneration of spine. First I had a CT scan because I was having headaches. It showed nothing. The MRI showed bulging and herniated discs.
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i'm what does the residual thymus mean
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i mean what does triangular shaped soft tissue likely do to some residual thymus mean???
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