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Hi many times in the past i have injured my coccyx,eg.coming off a rope swing after a decent of roughly 40ft and the rope snapped,i also fell from a walk across a tree trunk and landed on the corners of house bricks,and the latest injury say around 2010 i went down on a motorbike and tried to hold it back from hitting the ground.The latest time i went to hospital and felt fine no real impressive feeling of shock,as i was attended by a nurse i felt fine coherant and the doctor seemed dissmissive of my claim of a modest 4.5 out of 10 actually i'd have to say a 6.5,he left me with the nurse and seconds later i felt an overwhelming sensation of blood sucked from my body at this stage i went to go unconscious and the nurse screamed for help,i managed to snap out of it,It took months to feel ok again,but ever since i have been unable to stand up straight for prolonged periods or even do 5 minutes washing dishes etc.But in the last year i have had mild horizontal flank pain which feels extremely unusual almost like i have my organs and muscles being pulled extremly tight as though any second they will just snap,and to boot my coccyx at times is really badly hurting me to a point i cannot sit down on it directly,i end up having to sit off angle so it isn't touching the surface,also as this stretching occurs it's a feeling as though my spine is seperated momentarily and then reseats again,i have no idea what this is but it mega hurts it's got to be an 8 out of 10 at occurance.
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Hello and Welcome to our Community,

I'm sorry to read about your condition and pain. I've read your other posts, as I often do when someone posts such complex issues. It seems you've had multiple medical issues in the last few years - again sorry that you have so many painful challenges.

Have you had MRI or CT scans since you bike accident? Have your medical providers given you reasons for your inability to stand straight? Do you have bone fractures or organ injuries? Indeed very serious injuries can take years to resolve - at least before you feel normal again.

It may be time to get your lumbar spine - including coccyx area reevaluated. New scans may be in order to diagnosis any possible changes. Indeed a good physical may be beneficial to determine the reason(s) for your symptoms.  

Your flank pain could be do to muscle spasms - they can be horrific. They could also be due to a kidney issue. Neither the spams or a kidney disorder can be positively diagnosed here. Again I encourage you to see you PCP (Primary Care Physician).

You may benefit from physical therapy if any musculoskeletal issues (post bike accident) have healed. Not being able to stand straight since 2010 (date of accident) tells me something needs attention.

Other members may have additional suggestions. I do encourage you to have a complete medical work-up. I wish you well and hope you painful issues will be addressed and resolved.

Take Care,
Had the mri scan to my left foot as right was killing me and going red it was diagnosed to the left as a sprain on admission of the accident 2003,then diagnosed as potential for arthritis by gp years later before all the agony increased in achiles and right foot,he got me in for both ankles mri'd and voila smashed cartelidge signs of extreme injury to all ligaments and tendons with which have over thickened now he said overthickening of ligaments and tendons for that explination,and it has arthritis as well.He said injections if you ever need me or the nuclear option was fusing it dead locked which both I said I will not fuse it and I shall return for the injections if it progressivelty worsens on me,he made me laugh with the wording when you come back for the injections sort of pushing more to his theory he will definately be back for those hehe,got a lovely knew problem now to add to my laundry list had continuous and unchanging bruising pain in both tops of my thighs for 3 days now and it's not easing 1 iota got the same by my pecks and between ribs as this bruise feel in thighs if I touch there,but these thighs had it for maybe day tops before but now it's exceeding the 3 day mark and will not ease off so gp tomorrow again now.
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PHYSC, I'm impressed.

You survived a 40' drop -- splat -- only to fall off a log into a pile of bricks? And then you fell off your motorcycle... how fast were you going -- 50-60 mph?

I'm amazed that you're still alive. Are you a professional daredevil?

What would it take for you to seek medical care?
philnoir I was a bit of a crazy who cares attitude kind of kid once then I did all that got sensible and bought a bike and went back to square one,I was pulling max rpm at 80mph combats/stell toe caps big mistake/fleece and a bomber jacket only bike gear on was a helmet and gloves I sort of flip reversed my foot a bit almost and bent my toes right up,took 3 months to walk about right well semi-right again, had another bike after that came off pulling out a hillside complex working years later and hit black ice throttling back kept on to the bike again another big mistake and smack banged wanged my coccyx and jarred it bruised my spine coccyx and went to pass out at hospital they screamed for the doctor after he dismissed my pain as me saying 76 was deemed to high, then he sucked up big time patting my back and rubbing it to say sdorry you allright,got x-rays blah blah usual nothing going on but that hospital loosely saysd that sort of thing a lot,since then I can never stand up longer than a few minutes doing dishes and so on I must sit then as it get's like restlessness sensation in my lower bqack then? Way before all that I temporarily paralized my self nothing worked after hitting my coccyx bailing from a swing and the links jammed my coat wrist sending my sat position straight on grass I did scream that time I was frightened could not move a single part of my body barr my eyelids and my mouth, I had issues limp walking for 2 months after that had to drop out of all sports. My mum didn't think it was bad but didn't see it,a dog walker heard me and came over a lady saying I will call an ambulance after I stopped screaming and I said no just wait I have done a similar thing from the time I hit the bricks and she said can you move I said no and she said well if you don't snap out of it in the next minute I am calling an ambulance and luckily I did that was frightening had some badish ones but neer often sought a hospital level or so I assumed?
I put 76 I meant a 6
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I didn't fall 40ft from the rope swing,i went to a gestimate 35/40ft and as i cam to ground level on returning from up high the rope snapped so me with the log beneath my spine hit the ground at around 1ft to 2ft but at a speed returning from around that 35/40ft .Either way i screamed like a little kid and was litterally in shocking pain crawling on all fours unable to stand at all for minutes it felt exactly like a humungous electric shock juddering through my spine.

The motorbike was in icy conditions flat out say 78mph roughly,i tend to not go the doctor to be fair unless it gets to a stage of litterally i have no other alternative as the issue has gotten debilating enough to cause concern of possible collapse or feels like it's critical enough to need serious emergancy treatment.

I'm certainly no daredevil but i did some really precarious and silly activities as a kid i would climb trees jump bmx's and even my racer bike when i was 9 yrs old over fires and people laying down,i grew out of that about 10 yrs old but then it was making bases (doses) in the woods and having fires etc usual child to teenager stuff.

But many times i have had some serious accidents in the process of it i would have to agree i feel lucky to have survived it all especially the m,otorbike at 78mph roughly that hurt so much i asked the guy if my foot was still there and i am not joking,it was referred to by friends and family as resembling that of a melon with garden peas for toes,i couldn't get my foot in any boots or shoes not even a work boot 1 size too big with the laces removed and the neck spread out on it,the pain is a lot less now almost invisible but now and again it comes on as i have arthritis in it,i was off work 3 months i couldn't put my toes lightly on the ground for 7/8 weeks without screaming.

We were silly as kids though the jumping off walls 10ft down and various other ridiculous none curricular activities.Like skateboards with the trucks loosened to lay down and go down huge hill roads bmx jumping over 4/5ft high jumps we lived in a area rural on one side suburban the other so we had a mix of different stuff we did as there were no really places to go that were indoors.
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The motorbike incident at 78mph was when i smashed my foot severe,but the bank ijury bike accident came later at a low speed exited a drive to a hotel i worked at then as i pulled back throttling up it spun on ice and snaked it went down i landed ft 1st tried stupidly never do it to hold the bike from smashing up as it hit down in yanlked me and i forward rolled partially impacting my spine minutes later the pain was a 7 and i was taken by ambulance once again like the other bike injury,the other time i refused to let the woman phone an ambulance saying i'm fine then it kicked in and i didn't cry but my little bottom lip juddered out of control the pain was intense,the fracture doctor the next day put his hand on his mouth and gasped when he saw the swelling,he said he'd never seen swelling from a suspected sprain like that and said i see compound fractures day in day out but never have i seen a foot that swollen,he thought it may have been broken and or dislocated but i never went physio.I did however wake regularily or need regularily every so many hour coproximal after they wore off i would be in immediate agony until i have some again it is an experience i would never want to go through or any one else to go through ever not even if i had enemies would i wish that level of torturous pain on them believe me lol.
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Thanks for the help,i have so many things real problems it's a nightmare to be honest i never had skin trouble or anything until around the age of 20/22 but it's progressively increasing all the time the litteral catalogue of my issues,a lump in my mouth i have had checked so thats one to cancel off that list it's a boney bit not a cyst or growth.

But the rest of the troubles remain,my back makes you feel decrepid though it's a bit embarrasing to have back problems at just 32 it makes me feel like i have the decrepidness of an elderly person,i will book in and get it all looked into as i appreciate spine lumbar will have to be scans my hip showed clear once but my back was supposed to have been done at that time but wasn't done after i checked the paper it was written for hip right side only.

I must say i believe it could be my kidneys as i never tried a tea strainer like told back when i was 21 i had mentioned similar p[ains but it is wqorse than that now if and when it pops up as it is intermitent it just feels like it could turn critical it's not like a regular pain feeling it seems more serious than a little bit of grit more like spinal or organ injury or beginings of failure but it may just be muscular like a spasm brought on by spinal injuries that weakened or degraded formation and shape of the muscles or the nerrves in your back?I'll be sure to let you guys know if i sort it out.
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Sorry to answer have i had a ct or mri is yes only right side hip possibly both hips but no spine scans had a foot xray found calcification and i have arthritis from that injury,also the physio states my pain in my big toe damaged foot side is nerve damage from the accident and i have next to no movement in it,i can now move it up down fine but not spread a single toe outward .
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You certainly need to get some evaluation of your coccyx pain and spine.

Could it be your kidney(s)? I guess that's possible but with your history of trauma I'd lean towards structural injuries.

Good luck. I'll be interested to hear the out come.

Okay english this time, I said before and always suspect spinal or a linked issue to me spine /coccyx, boom gp checked I said is my kidneys or my liver blah blah, he said nah it is your waistline/spine area spot on what you said, it's S.I  joint pain in other words your spine is held straight via two bones that reach out of either waste line point they support the vertical position of your spine, now they are clearly as all are held in prop by ligaments tendons and the bone it's self, but if any singular component takes the beat, eg. me crashing 76+ mph clearly it took the grunt and hey presto permanent sacroiliac bone (sacroiliac joint pain) I assume this is that as they'll know bikers nightmare back pain that prevent's them standing leaning forward etc ever again pain it's irreversible calcium disfigurement of the sacroiliac joint/joints left right of vertical lumbar spine where the bone joins waistline pelvic bones to the upright spine for vertical support, makes perfect sense also got told by another female gp that this are of spine is prone to bike injury when jarred rattled and or ricochet it will produce irreversible damage to the upright sup[porting muscles and or ligaments and or bone structure it's sacroiliac injury it's hopefully minor it's life long and b all end all irreversible, but manageable if low tier vie going physio and or training specialists adverse in it. So basically don't come off a bike coccyx first ever or rope swing trust me

S o there was me thinking most gp's aren't adverse, well some are in some sectors and specific cases and others in other areas sectors and specific cases, so yeah between some practices they could extrapulate a result of complex standards from a bumping heads situation even some real rare thing, but it's all as it comes as it's dealt with is it resolved timely etc, hit or miss, the same can be the case with top surgeons guestimating a complex a&e case with no diagnostician specialist team to take over, but I'd take that s.i joint pain (sacroiliac) joint pain diagnoses as the best ever for my issue lower spine better than anyone else in years perfect sense perfect placement exact to the descriptive sensation of pain for it online it seem precise exact placement and precisely explained he hit that with a blink of an eye and I agree, it's super common in motorbike and high impact accidents involving spine jarring
As you may have read, the spine leg and feet issues are resolved as far as possible inoperable but aknowledged and diagnosed now, as I always say I say I have something I'm often spectacularily worse than theorised.

But I never even though realised by the pro's now had that coccyx and spinal mri which if I were a doc of any grade I'd definately say give him mid upper spine to coccyx all inbetween boney areas and just to be sure mri his toes and bridge of feet bones incase we have any issues missed, and to be fair, I have been getting now my little toes feeling chaffed againt my next toes gap, and it's on the foot I sprained, that never got scanned at time,I would hazzard a gues, that the little toe had an injury undetected as man it's worsely deformed than my other naturely inverted right little toe the left seems, segmented like a miss placed fracture it also clicks over to left if bent mildly the right doesnt like double jointism but i'm not double jointed?

That's what you get wearing steel toe cap boot in a motorbike crash, they try to chop off your toes.
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Tuckamore you are possibly right? As I get occasional kidney well right sometimes left flank pain,it's most noticeable as coccyx pain rarely a pain happens when I sit making you feel you have to sit off angle to relieve it,but kidney stones could be a possibility and odd times inflames that area pointing me to think it's the tail bone but it's a effect of mild kidney stones,or as I am plastered in cysts a awkward turn moves a cyst against a nerve which gives an impression of the tail bone is the key problem like a plecebo effect in a way?
any confusion to clear up is me 80mph and 76mph guessing 80mph as last looked was 76mph and climing in feeling the acceleration then boom kness to tarmac and flloor sky floor sky floor sky kidneys smashed the tarmac and slid hundred yards or maybe considerably more before i stopped  my foot went snap and I was hoping for a seat fast whilst badgered by a guy until I went aggressive then subdued as the pain eased and got the ambulance ordered as I at first refused it, that was dithering little lower lip pain but not crying more wimperish groaning shivers
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I have discussed it with my gp, I infact as allways got way worse with that spine problem, it is indeed suspected relating to the spine, but more the adjoining hip (wasteband line) meets spine, apparentlyif your unlucky enought to suffer a serious whiplash and or spine impact or jarring event it can lead to an issue called si joint pain that can be chronic life long I was told, in my case the doctor assumes there is abone that leads either side of the hip to waist band area to support the lower upright position of the lower spine, and in some cases as he said prodominantly crash victims, and a number of bike whiplash injuries and coccyx impacts that do appear in some bad cases of bike falls or collisions, then these two diagonal support beam bones waist to spine supports can have issues that cause inflimaed area around the tissue muscles nerves and tendons of that plosition, thus in tern can cause many problems that become chronic in bad cases, so he hit the nail on the head he said it would likely affect your ability to be upright or bend etc etc prolonged or even short term.
And it's inoperable due to proximity and connection to the spine it's just too risky surgeons will refuse and it won't be done on the nhs either just too risky.

And the other diagnosis found correct later in hospital he made was my leg right hip flank was actually si joint pain and the other problem is chronic bursitis a fluid sac between upper leg and hip inflaming, all docs say and orthopedic surgeons that this is as I thought highly likely to bad posture and secondary implications of coming of that bike.
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Ok english there's 2 bones supporting your lower spine they right angle from hip (waste band) and adjoin the spine lower lumber to provide a support angle beam between left & right hip (waste line) to the lower lumbar spine upright, and that spine/wasteband/hip bone area formaly is known as the socrialac or socroliac Joint? What ever higher education physiotherapy terminology is coined for that bone structure area, is erelevant, it's a higher risk area in both equine and human physiological injury for horses it is a part of equine physiotherapy training, and in human diagnosys it's an area that  is renowned to be repetitious and or chronic, rarely in human injury is si-joint pain chronic and life affecting, as in humans this is  commonly   preventative  of  a straight walk or posture.

And the socrialac joint is a area of the hip meets thigh joint area with fluid in, that due to uneven gate (posture/walking shape) due to my bike crash injusry, has caused over wear and tear on the area, it's something motorcyclysts suffer from due wear and tear, and plastering for my first step father, like a feeling of i owe the rate of pay sorting me, but yeah that to has a toll younger generation, i did leave school safeway-plasterer's apprentice, so never slacked I over did it, I was man level meterage ptaping before a man layed 80sqm high end i was 120sqm a day. So yeah worked like a man, never like a kid, done 10+ jobs, plastering I got to 100 gbp a day before tax I didn't slack I over worked sickness and in health although never able again.
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