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Kyphosis of the cervical spine and weird pains and numbness

Okay so I have been having pain between my shoulder blades for a while causing my shoulder on both sides to lock up. It has no changed after chiropractor and cervical traction. The pain was localized and now it is wide spread on the right side of my face shoulder arm and down my right leg and I have numbness in my neck face causing my mouth to droop and to go down on the right when I smile instead of up nimbleness on my leg and base of skull as well as the lumbar area above my butt inside the curve and on my stomach the headache is located behind my eye and throughout the top to the base of my skull isolated to the right side. I have lost muscle ability my doctor checked me by moving my head and checked right to left up and down. It hurt right to left and up. But down did not hurt in fact relieved some pain. When he pushed down it made it so much worse to the point I felt like a bubble of water in my ear and my vision blurred he said I have diminished reflexes in my right arm. My arm has been hunched over and I cannot raise my shoulder I cannot flex my muscles in my arm but for two seconds and I can watch them slowly relax then go to nothing while I try to flex them. I had a x-Ray that showed kyphosis in my neck at c-4-5-6 and I have a congenital fusion of the c2-c3 making the c1-2 look like a solid bone that has always caused my neck to have a limited curve and inability to move the full range of motion since ***** causing the other segments to move more than they are supposed to in order to compensate.  But I've never had scoliosis or kyphosis in it or anywhere in my body but I have developed in the last year at 28 years old lumbar scoliosis to the left and kyphosis of the cervical spine.
My history is

Car accident at 12 years old

L2-L3 L3-l4 L4-L5  herniated disc L3-4-5 causing concave mass effect narrowing of the canal in the disc space at L3-L4 03/11/2004 lumbar MRI W/O contrast

T3-T4 T2-T3 T6-T7 bulging disc minimal with the exception of T2-T3 moderate bulge seen at this level extending inferior to the posterior Margin causing Dural Effacement facet atrophy is seen at all levels. 2008 thoracic MRI w/o contrast



I only recieved a report saying consult with Orthopedic surgeon consult required results sent to PCP. This was after a Cervical Thoracic and LumboSacro MRI was done.

My PCP said that I had disc herniations at all level that were bulging before in the thoracic spine and it wasn't common there he said that the prior herniations in the lumbar had turned into my entire lumbar and thoracic lower degenerative and the old herniations had degenerated to almost bone on bone with spurrs from it that it had impinged nerves there he did not say anything about the cervical other than what I already knew and he was reading a X-ray from 2007 so he ordered another MRI I go to on 01/02/16 because there was no report on it.

All my symptoms started after the Chiro adjusted my neck once a week and did some kind of machine for the Axis joint. Then did traction and that's when the constant cracking grinding and popping started that had not stopped and now I have all these nerve pains. The chiro when I reported this kept seeing me told me it was healing then boom three visits later I can't move my head or my arms and I drag my foot sometimes. I stopped going and stopped the traction exercises.  

Two questions here.

1. Is this obviously a pinched nerve or spinal cord or could it be something less serious that won't require surgery.

2. Could the chiropractor have caused this given the fact I warned him about my neck and advised I did not find it a good idea to adjust it and complained about nerve and arthritic like pain to him and he kept going while I was clearly not getting better and reported the decline to him

I guess I have three

3. Could the Chiros actions have lead to a rupture in the disc.

I understand you cannot diagnose but I am looking for research to possibilities to avoid misdiagnosis or failed diagnosis with my ability to ask for further testing and make educated choices with my own care.

Thank you for your time. The Lyrica btw. Anyone with spinal cord or nerve damage. Even thou it's not FDA approved for it. It works truly. I was given just 25mg as the 75mg they started was too much and the existing nerve pain in my legs has faded. Numbness is still there but no shooting pain and no burning feelings or deep sore aches.

I even stopped taking the Lortab but once a day from two 4 times a day. I think one a day is better.
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Imho it's never a good idea to let a Chiropractor adjust your neck, particularly if you have documented neck problems.

Prior to my 1st neck surgery my surgeon sent me to PT for Cervical Traction, which caused one of my herniations to shift which in turn caused additional pain and migraines the like of which I had never in my life experienced. I later learned that traction is contraindicated for people with multiple disc herniations

Additionally, my muscles were so tight and guarded from pain that the Mechanical traction  caused one of my costovertebral joints  to slightly tear away from where it attaches to the spine in my back. 11 years this April and I still have pain from this.

The whole experience was a nightmare, I guess I'm fortunate, it could have been worse.
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