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L4/L5 Disc Extrusion w/out pain/Non-surgical options

Diagnosed with L4/L5 paracentral disc extrusion mildly impinging on S1 nerve root.  Am able to manage pain with exercise (I do have varing levels of discomfort still).  No sciatica or weakness.  Spoke to an ortho to determine non-surgical option to help with getting extrusion reduced (spinal decompression therapy, etc.)and give my spine a better chance to heal.  He indicated there are no non-surgical (or surgical) options available me because I am not in pain. Anyone had a similar experience?  Thanks.
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Basically you have to have enough pain that makes your life difficult on a daily basis and have had it for several months.  You go to your reg doc 1st and do whatever he says like advil every 6hrs and ice and or heat therapy. Then if that doesn't work you get a referal to a specialist like orthopedic or neurosurgeon that may send you for an MRI(which you probably had ) then he'll send you to a physical therapist for atleast 6 to 10 sessions. If that doesn't work he may suggest a pain management center for shots (that usually don't help). If you don't have nerve pains like pins & needles,numbness,burning that may extend down the leg or legs or bladder and bowel problems then don't worry about your back until you do.  Go easy on it if you can, learn how to lift and bend properly.  It may never progress to anything worse.  Take A Calcium,Vitamin D, Magnesium suppliment to keep your bones strong. Keep your records and know where to find your MRI film (CD) & reports just in case there comes a change, doctors like to compare old w/ new films.  Good Luck
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same disc, i was 8/10 in pain.  called an ad in the newspaper for the drx900 machine, (i tried lots of chiro and physio prior) and after 20 treatments (2 months long) i seriously am at 0 out of 10.  

i get a flair up if i was to lift heavy stuff over and over or play squash 5 days in a row.  (i had a flair up after a squash tourney).

i hate listening to doctors, and am part of the information age generation who always "googles" it.  it's safe to say that many people who get surgery don't actually need it.  but they just listen to what the 'experts' say.  these are the same people who think investing in mutual funds and saving money is a good investment.  haha.

sorry for the generalization.  it's just something i noticed.

ryan.---  try a hard hard bed too.  i love it i never ever have back pain in the morning now.  i did sleep with a pillow under my knees for about 3 months starting during and after the drx treatment.  ***@****
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Thanks for your responses.  Have done the whole works-PT, X-ray, MRI (in addition to the extrusion, I have a buldging disc and another disc w/ an annular tear), seen ortho, but he said drx machine was not an option unless i was in pain (again, i can't define what i have right now as pain, only as varying levels of discomfort).  Because I could not do the drx machine, I bought an inversion table (folds up for easy storage), which I have found to be a bit helpful.  I'm sure it's a distant second to the drx, but so far it's the only answer I can come up with for my situation.  Thanks again.        
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Spinal Decompression Therapy is FDA Cleared and has worked for a lot of patients but you need to find the right doctors (Only Chiropractors and or Medical Doctors can perform this therapy) that will custom tailor your treatment so that you have a favorable result.  Go visit www.decompressiondrsearch.com to find a doctor in your area that performs this therapy.  Look for a doctor that will work out payment options with you because insurance does not usually pay for the CPT code S9090 "Axial Spinal Decompression "  Which is the only code that does pay.  Remember, if your doctor is going to bill other codes for this proceedure, that is considered fraud and you need to go to a different facility.

I have personally found that Lumbar Results are better than that of Cervical.  You really want to find a clinic that incorporates spinal decompression with massage, exercises, stretches and other modalities to aid your progression.  Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for this amazing proceedure so try to find a doctor that is Qualified and or Certified in Spinal Decompression Therapy.

I hope this helps.


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I have problem with L4-L5-S1  done MRI-PT-XRY.I hurt my back on the job cartlidge allmost worn out discs buldge out last vertebra move on the right side, that all together make  a lot's pain.I hardly move, valking dificult can sit right ,cant drive a car  wery good.Already talk with surgeon ,hi say Im not right candidat  for surgery.HELP ME.
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I have L4 L5 and S1 bulding disc, I have done decompression therapy  9 times in 3 weeks and I am starting to get feeling back in my skin when they pull the tens unit off this area I actually felt it and said ouch! I am sore from decompression, but I weigh 230 and I need to lose weight, losing weight is a must for so many reasons other than a screwed up spine, I also have 3 herniated disc in my neck, a tumor and arthritis and I am only 39, if you can take the time to go to a chiropractor/pain clinic, if you do not go to a pain clinic you probably won't get the meds you need to get you through the first couple of months of therapy. I hope I helped you all. Trust me if you are in pain now you will be with the decompression, but I can see some light at the tunnel as far as moving around, but the end of the tunnel may never happen as far as pain free.
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