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Leg pain, high blood pressure

I've had a chronic back issue (loss of flexibility, stiffness and sciatic symptoms on the mild side for 20 years. 60 year old now and for the last 3 years pain in both legs has elevated. Mostly feels not stabbing pain, but chronic low grade muscular symtoms but also sciatic in the right buttocks; flickering discomfort symptoms in up left thigh side and front and lower left calf. Its not burning sensations, but like a fatigue with warm feeling. I have developed high blood pressure like 160, 102. 74 heartbeats per minute at rest. I sit all day at work and walk like I'm older than most. and it is painful enough that bending or picking up a ball while trying to play ping pong is hard due to stiffness and pain.

There is no day in the last three years that I am completely free of the pain or stiffness. Weight is not an issue (176 lbs.) but my abdomen has gotten that sagging, bloating look just like my dad. What's up, any guesses. Or is this old age settling in. If so its challenging more that I expect for my age. Haven't been 60 before.

Thanks for any wisdom advice or solutions to try.

Former weighlifting/bodybuilding for 15 years. ended thast when I was 41 yrs old.
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Hello 50_50_50 and welcome to the back forum.

Let me tell you flat out that with your cluster of symptoms, it would be wise to seek medical attention and have a complete physical.

These symptoms suggest all kinds of disease, however, I'm worried about possible kidney disease. Please have your bloodwork, with a complete set of electrolytes, evaluated soon.
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Thanks, for the suggestion, Phil (I will look at doing that shortly) . I hope you are on the mend with the surgeries. Take that walk now :))
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