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Let me show you my 9 vertebrae fusion. So Excited!

I just wanted to report that I have a beautiful, straight, new spine as of 5/8/2012!.
12 hours of surgery, but my spine is healing up just fine. I can walk without the aid of a walker, but I do become fatigued easily and have to take naps sometimes. I do my own chores and enjoy not being crippled anymore. I have skin pain on my buttocks, hips, and outer thighs, but it will vanish in time. Also, without my brace, the top of my back fatigues easily. I only have to wear it for 3 more weeks. Other than that, I know this surgery was the one I have waited for and needed all my life. I was so deformed!
On this post, I can only add one photo, so I will show you the new  spine.
They fused everything from T10 to my ilium (bottom of hips.)

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12 hours, Wow! That is an incredible amount of surgery you had done. You must have had a very good Surgeon.

Hope you continue you to feel better.

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Yes indeed! He's the best! Thank you for responding! :)
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Hi toughilou , I seen your post and was wondering how long and what happend for you to have to have that surgery ? I am 45 looking at surgery soon and i am scared to Death ! I have beem hurting a long time and working ,dealing with this pain that noone knows how bad it feels at times.I really wonder if i should have it when i read all the horribel stories but my docs says if i dont i may not walk one day . But i work all the time" But , i do have to take a 1 day a week or 2 from work on FMLA or a vacatio day cause im so woreout and tired and i know everyone wishes i would just quit or have surgery because someone has to fill my job when im out ! I have osteo and im sure arthritise and my lower lumber is where he wants to put some kind of cage  surgery L4 & L5. And when he done last myelogram he said my upper back looks like its gonna need surgery one day  ??  its sounds like he is getting ahead of his self to me or thinking about $ but i know it does hurt and is sore alot , i guess im just so use to pain i dont realize how bad it is
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I found your post while searching for answers about the skin pain in my lower back, hips and outer thigh areas after my fusion (l4/l5) and laminectomy. I have 4 screws and two plastic rods (for greater flexibility I was told.) I am 1 and a half years out. I have had awesome success with the pain and the condition I had has been successfully addressed... but now I have this skin pain and it is still with me. Is yours doing any better? I am getting ready to go back in and talk to the surgeon. It is much worse after activity. Again, I am thrilled with the surgery, and it sounds like you are doing better too. Just concerned about this new pain.
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