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Long term back pain

Hi all,

I have suffered with back pain for the last 5 years and pains in my right leg, foot and hip for the last 2 years
I have just got the results from my MRI scan, they are as follows

Moderate facet joint arthrosis.
Disc dehydration and flattening with minimal protrusion in the L1/2 disc.
In the L4/5 disc small central disc prolapse with posterior annular tear measuring 3mm in depth. This is causing mild indentation to the anterior margin of the dural sac and compression at the origin of the right L5 nerve root
No abnormalities at the other levels.

My questions are, what does that mean in layman's terms, what are the treatments and will this require surgery?

Thanks in advance
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first of all I'm not a doctor, just someone with similar problems.
And in my very limited knowledge ...first of all did you're doctor not tell you the results?
L means lower
#'s 4 or 5 (or any other #)..is counting the discs so for instance #4 is the fourth vertebrae of the lower back
there is a compression to you're lower disc's causing a prolapse(bulged) and this compression is pinching the nerve root(at the # 5 disc) that runs from you're back down thru the leg.
therefore you are experiencing lower back pain at the area of compression and also pain running down you're buttocks, hip and leg(s) along the nerve path.
surgery is not usually recommended
doctors like to do 'nerve block injections' (read alot abt first)
decompression (usually done by a chiropractor)
and/or medications for the pain
I am doing the physio at home with excersises, I've declined the nerve block d/t side effects risks.
I've been on a medication called gabapentin for 5 yrs now, this is an anticonvulsant that works on nerve related pain and this helps alot!
I'm also currently taking a narcotic for the back pain to allow me to function, this is a decision you and you're doctor will make depending on you're level of pain and ability to function.
I hope this has helped somewhat?
there are no easy answers and sure aren't any easy fixes to this very common problem.
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