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Loss of vision in one eye

I come home at 9pm 5 days ago and couldn't turn my neck. I have been having neck pain recently and just found it annoying. I got onto the sofa layed on my back but stressed my neck right over so it didn't hurt leaning on the same side (left) when I woke up an hour later I could only see out of my right eye. This lasted just seconds possible 5. The sight came back pixelated I believe after moving position and having my head straight. My arm had pins and needles but I was leant on it. After some anxiety my husband said it was nothing but cut off circulation so I got up and got myself a heat pack for my still very sore neck. I made sure I didn't lean or tilt my neck again in the same way and finally got back to sleep. I went to docs next day who sent me straight to hospital. CT was clear nearly 24hrs after the event, bloods were normal and a Doppler of the carotid arterys were also normal as well as a neck X-ray. I hate to think I had a mini stroke I really do as it still doesn't sit right with me. I believe my neck pain was associated in some way. I've looked into every avenue migraines MS strokes the lot. I'm 31 years old with history of anxiety and depression. Lately panic attacks have been high, I am fatigued and have been told I have postural tachycardia
I hope someone can help
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