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Lower back pain

Background: About a year ago, I was playing basketball at my school. It was a regular day, not a very intense workout or anything, just a casual basketball game. I was able to obtain possession of the ball, and tried to go for a layup, but somebody was able to block the ball, and prevent me from scoring. When this person landed from his jump, he landed directly on my back as I was leaning over. Ever since that event I have had constant pain in my lower back.

At first, the pain was irritating, but did not bother me much. Once I started playing more tennis, it was prohibiting me from being able to play properly. After some mediocre treatment, the pain went away but not for long. I continued playing tennis with almost no back pain, but then I stopped playing any sports at all. About 4 months later, I started playing badminton, which immediately brought back the lower back pain, except this time it was far worse. I had trouble getting into the car, because the pain from bending over was to much.

After a couple of weeks without treatment, the pain was still there: however after I came back from a vacation, it seemed to get a lot better.

When the badminton season ended, I had no sport to play, so I basically was not exercising due to numerous AP and A level exams that I needed to study for. During school, we had a free period for one day, and we were in the wrestling room. After some jumping and running around, the pain came pack again, but later got better again

The level of pain has gotten a little bit worse recently. I am currently doing BJJ, but my back does not seem to hurt at all during or after practice.

Details: The pain begins at my lower back, and hurts most at both extremes of my left and right side. The pain is present the most whenever I bend down, and it sometimes radiates to my lower glutes and even my upper leg. The pain is also present whenever I try to kick high, it prevents my leg from going any further because it hurts too much.

If anybody could please provide some insight or information on what seems to be the issue it would be greatly appreciated
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Schedule an x-ray, or an MRI of the pain area.
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I am wary to give any comment. Although, I am sure that you will take what I will say with a grain of salt, I am wary of being misunderstood or misinterpreted. That's my disclaimer.

Anyway, I may have experienced the same pain that radiates from the back all the way to the legs - but for me, it may because of carrying heavy stuff for several years. The doctor did not find anything wrong with my back and said that it may be spasm. Try stretching before any sports activity and regularly. Also, stand against the wall for 20 minutes a day and see how you will feel. I say this because you seem to be extremely active, but would stop your activities for long periods of time and that might be causing stress to your back.

While you are trying these out, though, I go by Joel78's suggestion and scheduling to see your doctor as soon as possible.
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