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Lower left back pain / Middle left back pain ?


I have been experiencing pain just above my lower left back (like 3-4 inches above my left butt) for the past few months. Actually I am not sure if I should call this area of pain the left middle back / lower left back.

This pain started in 2005 april when I was exercising in the gym. I was doing PULL DOWN for my back exercise and accidently the weight pulled my back fast before I could release it when I was about to stop the rep. I felt a sharp pain in my back in the area that I had mentioned above. I stopped doing workout for 2 weeks after that. I was also playing gold once week during that time. This pain was on and off after that but it was not severe.

Now I have been doing exercise for about an year now and sometimes I feel pain in this area and it lasts for about an hour or so. I have noticed this pain also occurs when I travel by sitting on the seat for a long time.

I need to know what could have happened to my back and what activities I need to do to stop this pain from occuring again.

Thank you.
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Sounds like you might have compressed the sciatic nerve.  I had a similar situation when I lifted something.  I also found out I have a bulging disc at L4/L5 which is pinching some nerves.  It hurts worse when I ride in a vehicle for any length of time.  As long as I'm standing or moving I'm o.k.  I am currently in pain management, doing exercises, etc.  Not a whole lot you can do at this stage except treat the pain and try not to injure it further.  I'm told that eventually whatever is compressing the nerve will heal, unless you have injured something severely.  Probably need to tell your dr. and seek some help early on.
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