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Lower right back pain

Two days ago I began experiencing pain in the lower right side of my back. The pain is also present in my right hip and partially down my right thigh. When I put weight on my right leg the pain becomes worse. Sitting and lying down can be uncomfortable at times. Certain movements also seem to make it worse.
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I have the same problem but its chronic,it would guess you also have a case of sciatica,when I have a flair up(which is often these days) I use heat therapy and rest.Sometimes I'm on the heating pad for days!Your Dr. can prescribe prednisone for you which will help with the inflamation of the nerve.
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Sounds like it could be sciatica. But I don't know about sitting and lying down being uncomfortable. Try Aleve (with food) for a few days and see it that helps. Usually, Sciatica goes away with time. If that doesn't help try to see a physician. Could be the hip. Did you do anything to injure it?
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