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Lumbar Levoscoliosis

My MRI test results show lumbar levoscoliosis, disc disiccation, disc bulging and cervial spondylosis. The pain will NOT go away no matter what I try to do. Ice, Heat, stretching, walking. Is this a permanent disability or is there a cure? Will it get worse w/o treatment? What are my options? I have always been very active and have never broekn a single bone in my lifetime (so far - knock on wood). Ever since I allowed to have the steroid shots in my back, I hace gained an enormous amount of weight (30 pounds) within a week/week and a half. Bad swollen legs and numb arms/hands. My left side of my neck is so painful also. I need to know what I can do myself before I find myself at an hospital ER. You know they treat patients like me w/o insurance like dogs. I had insurance then it was cancelled with out notice. Iam trying to obtain another source of affordable ins but meanwhile am getting worse. Please provide info. thank you for your time and efforts.
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I am sorry to hear of your prolonged discomfort.  It can't be easy to find treatment without insurance.  Hopefully you will find an affordable policy soon.
Based on your post, it seems that you have two significant problems.
Cervical spondylosis is a form of osteoarthritis caused by wear and tear as we age. It can result in bone spurs and produce neck pain, stiffness and muscle spasms.  You did not state any disc herniation being present in the cervical spine.
Because you have significant problems with walking (secondary to pain?) are the disc bulging and dessication more prominent in the lumbar spine?
If you have an MRI report it would be helpful for you to post the clinical findings to better understand the extent of your condition.
The conservative treatment you have pursued to date has been appropriate and since it did not relieve your pain over the timeframe utilized, you could possibly need evaluation to determine if surgery would be beneficial.  Keep in mind that not all instances of degenerative disc disease warrant surgical intervention.  It depends on the type and extent of pathology found and whether surgery can produce effective results.
It is unfortunate that you responded negatively to the epidural injections.  Weight gain is a risk, but not very many individuals have this reaction to the extreme it appears to have affected you.
There isn't much else you can do for yourself.  You might benefit from some chiropractic treatment (usually more affordable), but that would obviously depend on how severe the degenerative disc disease has affected your spine.  Decompression techniques might help, but chiro manipulations could cause potential harm.
Post with an update and the MRI findings per the report and with any additional questions/concerns you may have.
Best wishes ----
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