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Lumbar Surgery Epic

I had a work injury in 1992 which began this saga in 2000 after years of repetitive motion..but that's not the story.
Here's the story-2005 had lower lumbar laminectomy. That was good for 6 months before pain starts again.

In 2007 had "soft fusion"- a fusion using springs and hardware. This one good for 6 weeks before pain starts again.

Jan 2010 had this soft fusion removed and "hard fusion done in replace" This was a 61/2 hour surgery. I spent 6 days in hospital.  During 1st post op the x-ray showed that one of the "nuts" had popped off and a support bar (supposed to remain immobile) had moved.  Two weeks later another “nut had popped off and the support bar had moved further. Dr. wanted to go back in and remove and re-due whole thing. Since I thought this to be extreme-I sought a second opinion who found another “nut” off. Dr wanted to go in and “just tighten things up.” Well this didn’t seem such a good idea either-exactly opposite of 1st dr. so went to a third dr. who found another “nut” off (that’s 4 folks) and suggested that he goes in and replace what’s broke and leave the stuff that’s not, but test all pieces of hardware.

Apr 2010-after wearing brace since Jan, third dr. did repair surgery. He replaced all 10 nuts, 3 screws (or the original 10) and both bars. He also added a support cross bar. Here I sit in my back brace, 7 days out of surgery. Yesterday I walked around the block-11 minutes. I am in less pain than before this surgery so I’m betting (change that to praying) that this will be the END OF IT!

Since 2000 I have been living on hydrocodone for pain and Lunesta so that I could sleep some nights.
Don’t worry about my time frames-most of the delays were caused by the wonderful California Workman Compensation Rules but mostly the insurance company.

Here’s the thing:
1. If you want me to continue (if the information is useful to you) this story, I will.
2. If you have had any experiences with lumbar fusion failure, I definitely would like an email from you-I’m collecting them.

Sorry this is so long, but it’s been longer living through this time!!!!
God Bless you all.
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