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Lump On Neck

Hello, I have noticed a lump on the back of my neck. It is only on the left side. It is in the area circled in the attached pic. It is scary and i really just want too know if there is a chance it could be nothing to worry about. I had a few random panic attacks a couple months ago, and ever since ive been thinking something is wrong with me.  So im hoping that it could be nothing. I hope that its not cancerous. If you could tell me the possibilities, it would be great.
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I forgot to attach the pic, but the lump is in the Semispinalis Capitis area. If i hold my head straight up, i can barely feel it, but it sticks out more if i tilt my head down to the front or right side.
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HI, I would suggest u see a NL and get a MRI of the cervical spine and brain...just to see what is going on in that area.
The anxiety can be if the lump is somehow pressing against ur brain stem....

Not being a dr I can not speculate, but strongly suggest u see a dr to find out.

Have u been in a MVA in the last few yrs, or a fall or trauma to the head/neck area?

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Thanks for the response and no i havnt been in any accident.
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well sometimes that can explain the issues u r having, but sometimes a hard cough or sneeze can do it too. Lifting something, turning too fast....we can pull muscles we didn't know we had....

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hi.. hows the lump at the back of your neck.. im worried.. i have the same lump your describing..
I'm worried too because I also have the same lump. Sometimes when I get stressed, that side will swell and cause stiffness.
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