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Lump above collarbone (right side)


I have a lump above the collarbone on the right side of my neck and I have no idea to what it is. I have no idea to how long I have had it because it disapears when I look down and when I look up its visible. Its the size of an olive and doesn't hurt when I touch it (not soft). I recently had a blood test a month ago, tested on my common nosebleeds and the results came back all clear. So unless in a month I have developed some form of a cancer I don't know what it is. It may be a bit crazy jumping to conclusions as I have only just noitced it today but for all I know I could have had it longer.

I am 20 years old male. I have attached a photo for you to look at, barely noticable but you can make it out. Someone answer please!!
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That looks too low to be one of your lower Parathyroid glands.
That typically means you have an infection. They swell up when they are doing their job.
I had a spider bite and it swelled up for almost a month.
I would just keep an eye on it. If you develop more symptoms or it gets worse call your doctor. You have four glands like that in your neck. Then other places like just above pubic bone.
They can get really big and yours doesn't look that bad.
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WOW I should read before I post. That looks to be one of your lower Parathyroid glands. You have four in your neck two down low and two mid way up your neck.
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Hello willy, thanks for the information it seems helpful. Still, if anyone had the same thing as me but had a different outcome please post it here. If anyone wants to add to willy's comments please do. I will check this post frequently and will update you if I notice any changes. Thanks again.
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I just found a lump the size of an olive I right above my right collarbone . Basically touching it. Im 19 years old. Female. In the last 4 months I've had a stroke and found out I have a fatty liver. The lump moves around with no problem. Its hard and doesn't hurt. My mom had thyroid cancer and I know it is hereditary. But I think this is too far away from my thyroid... what could this be??
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