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Lump in lower back-Help!

I have a large, visible lump in my lower left back just above my buttocks. It seems to swell when I have PMS and my period. The pain causes me not to be able to sleep at night, it radiates down the back of my left leg. I only feel temporary relief if it is massaged. I have to prop pillows under my hips at night to try and take the pain away. My doc did an x-ray and said it is probably just scar tissue and told me not to worry about it. It is getting worse as time goes on. My sister has the same lump, in the same location, but she feels no pain from it. I have no idea what it is or how to take it away (exercise does not help either). Any suggestions would be welcomed!
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You must see a doctor that will not brush you off.   It could be a very large herniation from a disk(my son has one that you can feel on his back,he is getting surgery)  Or possibly a cyst that doesn't need to be removed on everyone who gets it but if it causes pain and other symptoms then it should be removed.  There is a name for those low spine ones(tarvon?? maybe)They are usually left open and need to be filled daily with new sterile gauze/solution until it heals from the inside out. Whatever it is it should be looked at by a doctor, not sure which kind.  Look up spinal cysts to find some info that matches your problem and bring it to the doctor(maybe the 1st doctor would take you seriously with this proof) Good luck and I hope these ideas help you.  
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  P.S.    look up Synovial Cyst, see if that matches your symptoms.SORRY Not tarvon cyst
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Thank you, I will look up Synovial Cysts...never heard of that before but maybe that's it. I am tired of getting the run around with my doc! And, it would be fantastic to be able to sleep the whole night without discomfort :)
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I looked up Synovial Cysts and it really does appear to be VERY similar to what I have. Did your son have trouble sleeping at night? Did the pain seem similar to sciatica? I read that even if they remove it, it can come back...do you know anything about that too? I would LOVE to get this lump gone--it's even visible in a bathing suit and it causes me so much pain!!
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Yes my son has trouble doing just about everything.  He hasn't had his surgery yet, he's waiting for vacation time next month.  Yes his herniated disk is pinching the nerves that create sciatic pain and numbness.  My Dad had a cyst on his lower back/butt area that couldn't get operated on because of his declining health and his age.It pained him terribly, especially sitting.  He is at rest now in Heaven so I can't ask him what his other symptoms were.  Bring that symptom paper along with you to the doctors, it might help with the diagnosis.I did help care for a young girl that had the cyst and after her surgery to remove it, it was kept open to heal from the inside out and I did the daily cleaning and refilling with the gauze/liquid mixture. It took a long time to heal and I don't know if it returned because I moved and don't see her.  The fear that they come back shouldn't stop you from having it removed.   Good luck.
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Thank you so much for all your advice..I am going to go back to my doctor's office soon and discuss this again and discuss a referral to a specialist...thank you!
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Is the lump in the center of your lower back? I have one to the left that seems to become painful around menstruation. I am newly pregnant and it seems to be getting larger and a bit more painful...not sure what it is...
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it could also be a tarlov cyst but i don't think so because those are closer to the bone.
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I have a lump too not a cyst its a hard boney lump and the docs not sure? anyone it doesnt hurt. Been refused xray as im only 31 waiting for an ultra sound. Should i be worried is this cancer
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I have been suffering from the following problems for 6yrs. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help.

Thank you.

I have a bump that comes and goes on my lower back which is very difficult to detect by the naked eye. It does not move when it is touched. It feels hard. When it becomes large I have extreme pain, stabbing and burning in my lower back. Pain in my abdomen and groin area as well as legs and feet. These symptoms seem to alternate sides. I have a flare up approximatelly once a month for a few days and than it subsides. This time it is different. I have the symtoms for about a month and a half now and it hasn't gone away. I had a steroid injection in my lower back near the tailbone and it made it worse. It seems that another bump has formed on my left side. It does not reveal  itself on the MRI'S nor doctors examinations. All of the doctors that I have seen "Blow me off" and their solution without knowing the cause of the problem is pain management and mental health help.

Does anyone have the same problems?

Thank you again for taking your time to read my posting.
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