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Lump in my lower back?

Acorn sized lump in my lower back on the left side of my spine? Not too hard but not soft either, doesn't cause me any pain. The only pain i have in my back is from sleeping on my stomach so my lower back sinks in. I don't  have insurance so i cant go to the doctor, any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.
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How long have you had this bump?
Is there a different color surrounding it?
Has anyone looked at it besides you?
Do you notice any marks of any kind in the center of it?
Have you felt sick after noticing it?
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Hi there,

A lump or bump of any sort is definitely something to worry about and should get medical attention.  Even if it is just a benign growth/syst, it can still cause damage to your nerves and compression.

I understand your dilemma without insurance, but don't you have a State Hospital or Teaching Hospitals close to you?
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I dont know exactly how long ive had it, first time i found it was a few hours before i posted the question on here. There isnt any discoloration or anything like that. I am a smoker, ive been smoking for about 6 years now, and the lump isnt on my skin, its either on the muscle surrounding, or on the side of my spine directly. It slighty moves whatever direction i push it, after i am feeling around it and on it, it goes slighty numb feeling. And i havent felt sick after touching it. Thank you for replying, i really really appreciate it :)
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There might be im not exactly sure, normally when i have any medical problem i just go to the emergency room and never pay the bill, but ive done that twice now and i really dont want to owe anymore money, im not sure what to do, at the least i wanted to find out what it could be. Thank you so much for replying, anymore help would be amazing.
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