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After a fall in 1988, I have now had more pain in lower back at L5 etc.  My new doctor has started me on physical therapy 3 x week, a new drug call Lyrica.  He has ordered a new MRI and I am scheduled for an EMG.  My question is the Lyrica.  I feel like I am dizzy and staggering, and I have dysfunction of my thought processes - I can't seem to remember even the simpliest of things and then, just as fst I remember them.  Several people I have spoken with said they have had these same temporary reactions and others.  They say this should go away in 2-3 weeks.  I am not sure - has anyone else had these symptoms and should I be concerned.  I am told I must get my back in shape as I am also scheduled for 2 knee replacements.  I am 70 and in good health except for arthritus, back and knee pain and problems related.
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One doctor prescribed Lyrica for me and I had trouble breathing, thinking, balancing and I hated it. I am now on 50 mg Fentanyl patches for my chronic cervical and shoulder pain. I am surprisingly clear headed and they are changed every 3 days. No pills to remember!
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Iv been on lyrica for for 7 months now and im on 450 mg a day for nerve pain. I found it made my word recall and memory worse and this has never really gone away i have gained weight on it too but the dizzyness goes and it has conrolled my nerve pain too a copeable level.

Good Luck
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