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MRI Results---confused

My husband got his mri results back today. The Dr circled an area on the report and is sending us to a specialist at our local hospital. The part that was circled says:

"mild compression of the thecal sac at C5-C6 level centrally and somewhat to the left by posterior osteophytes and disc protrusion representing mild disc herniation. Mild narrowing of the neural foramina bilaterally by osteophytes is seen at this level."

We are very confused and have no clue what to think. Can someone plese explain this?
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What kind of specialist?

Did you ask your doctor to explain the circled part?

THe report says your husband has mild degenerative disc disease, including mild spinal stenosis at C5-6 and minimal foramenal stenosis.

Usually, at this early stage in degenerative disc disease, conservative therapies like NSAID medication and physical therapy are selected. They can be quite effective in lowering pain by increasing range of motion.

Write your questions down so that you can ask them at your next doctor's appointment.

Words like foramenal stenosis and degenerative disc disease are explained on spine sites, like spineuniverse.com and spine-health.com.
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Our specialist is a general surgeon.....we didn't have a follow up appointment with doctor because he wants us to see this other guy. Just gave us a copy of the report.
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Well, save your questions for the surgeon.

Surgery should always be reserved as a last resort in treating spine pain. While it is sometimes necessary to prevent cord damage or to stabilize the spine, your husband has many other treatment options available to him before he submits to the knife.

A surgeon will offer a surgical perspective. Do yourselves a favor and find an interventional spine specialist who can treat with much more conservative options, like medications, PT, and injections.
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