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MRI Results

I have had neck pain for over 15 years.  In the beginning, I went to every doctor out there.  I was told nothing really could be done and just decided I had to suck it up and live with the pain.  Over the past couple of years the pain has gotten worse and worse.  The past 6 months it has been unbearable.  I am under the care of a Pain Management Dr. who sent me for an MRI.  I am not clear on the results and would appreciate an understandable explanation.  He has given me shots that have somewhat helped,  I am still having numbness down my right arm and hand.  What is your advice?  Do I have to continue living with the pain?

MRI:  C5-C6: Broad disc osteophyte complex, eccentric to the right, creating mild central canal stenosis.  Mild left and mild moderate right foraminal narrowing due to uncovertebral hypertrophy.  A small right foraminal entry zone extrusion contacts the exiting right C6 nerve root.
C6-C7:  Broad discosteophyte complex creating mild central canal stenosis.  Right foraminal entry zone/foraminal extrusion.  Disc material contacts the exiting right C7 nerve root.  Moderate right and mild left foraminal narrowing due to unconvertebral hypertophy.

Multilevel cervical spondylosis most pronounced at C6-C7 and C5-C6.
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First of all, as I was a Hospice nurse, and am going for my NP in palliative care...NO ONE HAS TO LIVE IN/WITH PAIN!!! :). Never take pain for an answer is my suggestion. To summerize, sounds like your lower cervical spine-which can affect your upper extremities, is showing signs of age. Disks 5-6 have whats known as a bone spur, or a growth, common as people get older, thats creating mild blockage to the area where your nerves exit the spinal cord (canal)- in other words your canal is mildly narrowed there. The rest is talking specifically about bone/disk malformation which could irritate the nerves. Some arthritis may be present. C6-7 same thing going on, basically narowwing of your canal creating nerve irritation. C7 nerve sounds like its definitely irritated becaus part of your disk touches it-the root-sensitive. Again, may be arthritis. Spondylosis is very common in ageing, and is basically degenerative disk disease/osteoarthritis between disk spaces that can irritate the nerves. Nerve irritation can lead to a wide range of symtpoms depending on the nerve and part of the spine. There are alternatives to seek if the shots you are recieving are not working, consult your doctor on other options such as chiropratory, surgeory, and others, but numbness is a sign of severe nerve irritation.
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Sorry to hear about your chronic pain condition, I will do my best.    
  I am sure your doctor can see now why you have numbness and pain... these findings show why.     Osteophyte complex means bone growths, these are common findings in adults but when severe they cause problem, like in your case.   In multiple areas you are having a lot of bone growth, usually this is known as osteoarthritis in the elderly. Sometimes however it can be caused by inflammatory arthritis's.  Bone growth is our body's response to wear and tear, your joints can try to fuse together.     That is why they noted it as spondylosis.  All of your issues are being caused by the bone growths.    
   The radiologists look at the spaces your nerves exit your spinal column to see if anything is blocking the space and in you it is, that is the cause of your numbness and pains.
I hope that helps a bit for you. It wont take your pain away, but lucky there isnt any other major issues.     Good luck   Stacey
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