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MRI findings of diffusely heterogeneous bone marrow

The report reads as follows:
SPINE: Diffusely heterogeneous bone marrow. No paraspinous masses

PELVIC BONES: Diffusely heterogeneous bone marrow. No errosions. No masses. Sacro-iliac joints are normal.

IMPRESSION: Diffusely heterogeneous bone marrow, without evidence of discrete destructive process.  findings are non specific, may be physiologic, or seen in infiltrative processes such as may be related to medication or hematologic state. Correlate clinically

Previous CT identified trasitional vertebra at the L5 level and Xrays identified mild levocurvature of the lumbar spine

Are any of these findings something I should be concerned about?  My primary reason for having the MRI was due to left sided abdominal pain, and mutiple ovarian cysts. Would the do a biopsy next, or would that be something that is not needed.

I am having anthroscopy next week on my left knee, and then possibly on the right knee if the first surgery goes well. I have had chronic knee pain/issues for years. I had a partial hysterectomy almost 7 years ago due to uterine fibroids and excessive bleeding. I am kind of worried about all of this, afraid it might be cancer...I have the pain from the ovarian cysts for 2 months.  The CT scan identified a 6cm cyst on the left side, but when I went to have the ultrasound it "wasnt there"  but this MRI identified 3.0 cm right ovary is seen with multiple cysts, the largest measuring 2cm. Frequent 6cm left ovarian cyst is present with multiple subcentimeter ovarian cysts. Both ovaries appear normal. No adnexal mass seen.
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