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MRI interpretation

What are your initial thoughts on this MRI impression? Could these bulges be causing pain even after a year of physical therapy and manipulations?

1. C3-4   2mm focal posterior central disc bulge indents the ventral surface of the spinal cord. Cord signal remains normal at this and all other levels.
2. C4-5 small posterior disc bulges without visual impingement on the spinal cord, spinal canal or foraminal narrowing.
3. Cervical formina are widely patent at all levels.
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Yes I believe the bulges could be your problem.It doesn't take a whole lot of pressure on your spinal cord sac to cause discomfort on  nerves.
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thank you
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I have a question...
The MRI findings you note, are these from a recent MRI (after theyear of PT And CHIRO) ?
Or are these the results a year ago before the theapy?
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They are one year after the therapy.
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Technique: Sagittal T1-weighted and T2-weighted and axial T2 and T1
weighted images of the cervical spine were obtained without
intravenous contrast. Following intravenous administration of
gadolinium, axial and sagittal T1-weighted images with fat saturation
were also obtained.

Contrast: 9.0mL Gadavist

The cervical vertebrae are normally aligned. There is diffuse
desiccation of discs from C2 down to C7 without disc height narrowing.
There is normal signal within and normal contour of the cervical
spinal cord. There is no abnormal contrast enhancement within the
cervical spinal cord, thecal sac, or vertebral column. A focal area
of nonaggressive appearing T1 hypointense and T2 hyperintense avidly
enhancing lesion at the posterior aspect of the C7 vertebral body,
most likely an atypical hemangioma.

The findings on a level by level basis are as follows:

C2-3: No spinal canal or neural foraminal stenosis.

C3-4: Facet arthropathy resulting in mild left neural foraminal
narrowing without spinal canal or right neural foraminal stenosis.

C4-5: Mild asymmetric posterior disc bulge with annular fissure. No
spinal canal or neural foraminal stenosis.

C5-C6: Mild uncovertebral hypertrophy and facet arthropathy,
asymmetric to the left, resulting in mild left neural foraminal
narrowing. No spinal canal or right neural foraminal stenosis.
Bilateral perineural nerve root sheath cysts.

C6-C7: Mild asymmetric posterior disc bulge and bilateral
uncovertebral hypertrophy without spinal canal or neuroforaminal

C7-T1: No spinal canal or neuroforaminal stenosis.

No abnormality of the paraspinous soft tissues.

1. Mild multilevel degenerative changes without spinal canal or
neuroforaminal stenosis.
2. No cord signal abnormality.

I have personally reviewed the examination and initial interpretation
and I agree with the findings.
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I'm wondering if my above mri is normal
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