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Morning Back Pain – Should I Spend Money?

Hello Everyone,

I know there is so much out there on back pain; but I have a tough money question. I am a returning college student with not a whole lot of money. I am 33 year old male is I would say good shape. I work out decently and have a nice physique.

My problem is that one time I went to a golf pro shop and spent 4 hours smacking the golf ball as hard as I could almost too where I had a small pain in my chest and it was hard to breathe for a split second. And if I couldn’t get more stupid I went the next day and did it again. I had to choose a golf club for a class so that is why I pushed myself. I know that was kind of stupid.

After like a month I thought I healed up and then went and played Disc Golf and threw the Disc as hard as I possibly could for like 3 hours. I would throw it farther than anyone else. I guess I could have been showing off like an idiot.

Well I was working out moderately hard for a while in the gym during all this and never felt any burst of pain really. The only thing that I noticed was a small pinch like pain when I would be watching TV. So then I decided to go to a Chiropractor and he solved that but he noticed that my spine was just slight to the right and my shoulders were a little uneven; but absolutely nothing major going on. This was the first time I ever went to a Chiropractor and it was literally insane. I thought he was going to kill me because I never heard my bones crack like that before and my neck.

I think it might have been a littler before the Chiropractor that only in the morning when I wake up I would notice a pain right in the middle of my upper back between my shoulder blades; one time the pain moved to the right of my shoulder blade but that went away. Now all that is left is this ongoing pain in the middle of my back that I cannot for the life of me locate. It’s like it’s the long muscle in my back that go from top to bottom of your back and very close to my spine. I would say mid shoulder to mid back but not upper shoulder or lower back.

It is so weird because during the day I feel absolutely great with no back pain at all; even playing Disc Golf or exercising; it is only right after I wake up and while I am still laying down. Pretty much as soon as I wake up everything is fantastic.

Only other weird thing is I feel like my ear is ringing on my right ear when I sleep on my right side. This also goes away completely when I get up or move around.

Doctor’s Office:

I have been to my Doctor several times with this. I have had several X-Rays; nothing bruised on my skin or anything obvious; blood work done for immune system and anything out of the ordinary. I have taken muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory’s but they are all temporary relief. Seems like the pain comes back. My Doctor is just saying it is like a pulled or sore muscle or something but just seems strange that something so small could cause so much discomfort in the morning.


My dad has celiac disease but I do not but I read an article about how maybe you could not have the disease but a precursor of it somehow.  I do have a lot of joint pain right now like in my Big Toe; Wrist; Neck and sometimes elbow. I have had all these X-Rayed and blood work done to see any causes and nothing major is going on.

Here is the Article excerpt:

Remove gluten from your diet. Recent studies have shown that some people may have non-celiac disease gluten sensitivity and if so, that may trigger a systemic immune response which can keep joints irritated. This wasn’t too challenging for me since I already didn’t eat breads, pastas, refined grains in general but gluten, as you may know, is in a LOT of foods – like beef jerky for one. Remove gluten for thirty days and pay attention to how you feel. For me, it helped. If after thirty days you feel better then you can always titrate some back into your diet to find your threshold if you want to.

I am lost at this point:

My main question is that do I put spend money I really do not have on a new bed and pillow with a mattress topper or am I just getting old and have to deal with an aching back and joint pain. Or could I possibly change my diet to a gluten free diet which will be like darn like impossible.

I have heard from people’s reviews that they have had much success in changing out the mattress. And I am not even sure where the one that I am sleeping on came from. It’s a Cali-King and seems nice but a little old.

I have great Health Insurance. It just doesn’t seem like the Doctors have the answers except Med up or go to a PT. I wish there was more information out there on this.


1. Change Mattress
2. Change Pillow
3. Change Mattress Topper
4. Gluten Free Diet
5. Deal with it because you are getting older … Its life …

Anything help would be greatly appreciated. Please leave your comments below. Thank You!

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Last night I was able to get 9 hours of sleep somehow. I did wake up at exactly 2:30 A.M. which happens a lot because I think my body clock is off with all of this going on but I was able to go back to bed and I woke up at 9:00 A.M. after going to bed at 12:00 A.M.

The difference this time was that we actually found a full body pillow that was in a bag somewhere from a long time ago. The one that literally wraps all around you. I used that last night and I think the difference was I did not sleep on my stomach and I did not toss and turn. Only around 9:00 did my back start to ache a little bit and force me out of bed and I began to toss and turn around the same time as well.

I wanted to know exactly where the pain is coming from because it feels like sometimes it could be coming from my Spine or right rib or muscles near my spine. It is so hard to find exactly where.

I have a FOAM roller which I get on sometimes to gauge where the pain is coming from. I did it a little differently this time.

I put the edge of the FOAM roller in the middle of my back where the pain is and let my butt down and my chest arch up. I would definitely say this helped me isolated the pain to about 4 to 7 inches right along my spine. I could definitely feel the pain in the morning when I do this. I will move like an inch up or down and see if the pain is focused in that area. I would say when I get to my upper shoulders and neck there is zero pain and when I get to my lower back there is zero pain. It only seems to originate like to the top half of my back; like my back is too heavy for itself or something. Or it seems like a computer sitting down problem like I am arched or something over something for a long period and my back is just fed up with all of this. Also the sports injuries probably put it over the top I think.

All I know is that the pain seems to be coming from the Spine or the muscles directly around the spine; but I think it’s the spine. I am almost thinking that whatever the Chiropractor did actually made things worse but I could be wrong. I never heard that kind of cracking before. It’s about a 4 – 7 inch radio directly up and down when I get on the foam roller and it does hurt; but only in the morning or if I get on the foam roller in that exact position. As I am typing this there is no pain in my back.

Just wanted to update everyone. I hope someone knows what this is. I will be going to an orthopedic doctor soon but I am guessing that he will not be able to conclude anything either. Just seems sad.

Please comment with any help or guidance.

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I have an appointment set up with a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries. I believe this all started from driving the golf ball to hard; and playing Disc Golf to hard.

The strangest thing is why is the pain isolated to after I sleep for a while and I do not feel a thing while moving around or sitting down. Just like this morning I felt the pain in my middle back during the wake up process. Soon as I got up and started moving around it was gone. I did again get on the foam roller on the edge long side not rolling it just dipping my back over one side of the end and I could isolate the pain. I am guessing that my back is somehow compressed by my ribs or the way I am sleeping and my back is getting pressure over night for hours at a time.

My only confusion is that why is this happening to me at 33? I would think this would be normal at 63. I mean its not like I could of injured myself this hard. It's not like I dropped a refrigerator on my back or played football, or did something so bad that its like yea your hurt. I mean this is just weird.

Is 30+ the age you start getting aches and pains?
Will this heal?
Is there a serious back brace I can wear while I am sleeping so no compression happens while I sleep?
I fear when I go to the Doctor he will not succeed in helping me but I hope so.
Any other ideas?

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911! Please Help!

This is so weird. Seems like some nights I have great sleep with no morning pain and some nights I do. This morning being one of them.

Basically in the morning I just feel this mild pain in my back right in the middle. And when I get up it goes away. However I have noticed that if I lean back in a hard chair like kind of bend over it backwards I can feel the soreness in my spine or muscles right in the middle where my back curves over the chair.

Also I did the FOAM roller again and put my back on the tough edge on my back and could feel the soreness right on my spine or muscles next to my spine.

I am beginning to think it is my spine.

I have an apt. with an orthopedic doctor on the 27th of March.

I still have yet to find a Physical Therapist; I will be doing that as soon as possible.

Can anyone please help with this? I think I have had this pain for 6 months to a year. I think it started from a golfing or disc golf injury. Is this something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life or will it ever heal?

I do not remember ever majoring injury my back; it’s not like I broke it or anything…

Anyone have any ideas?
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Hi there im sorry for your pain I know what it can be like maybe the manipulation has aggravated the nerves in or around your spine ever since I had a chiropractor manipulate my cervical spine I have had nothing but trouble went to see him with back pain that has improved a little but I came out with tinnitus & severe neckpain also prolapsed disks iam not sure if the chiropractor caused this but he definitely made my condition worse, have you let the chiropractor know that it hurts there? Maybe try some stretching exercises I found out about my condition with an mri scan as x ray only shows bone , take care I hope you can fond answers.i used to be active walking 6 miles a day to and from work and also lift light weight s and muscle work but all I can do now is walk as the pain in my neck is too great I too am only 31 .im not saying that you are like mei mjust giving you a bit of information about my condition .
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Update! Good and Bad News!

Ok I slept decent last night.

The one thing I did different was that I used a TENS unit for two separate 15 minute sessions.

My wife located the spots on my back right near my spine but sometimes I swear the spots are right on my spine. She put her elbow on my back while I was lying down. It is in the same middle part of my back and I can feel it if I lean back and over a chair like I am stretching only if I am having an ache day.

Anyhow after locating the spot again with my wife and the foam roller before I went to bed and while watching a show I did the TENS unit for 15 minutes and then readjusted the placement and did it another 15 minutes and there was no morning pain.

I learned this technique from the Chiropractor because that is what they used on me. The just did it during the day and not at night. I have several TENS units because I hurt myself a long time ago and bought like 4 or 5 of them.

My wife says it’s deep in my muscle because she cannot just get at it it’s like she has to press really hard.

The only thing that freaked me out was that I have two like bruises on my back. I worked out decently hard at the gym doing a lot of chest exercises on the bench. I don’t ever recalling being easily bruised by working out at the gym. The bruises are not black or blue or yellow or anything just like rub brownish marks from the bench rubbing.

I am just concerned because why are my ribs aching; back hurting and my back is easily bruising?

I mean if this is what getting old is all about this *****.

I have an appointment with my primary doctor today at 2:00 and an sports orthopedic doctor later this month. I still have yet to line up a Physical therapist but I will do that asap.

I have not work out chest probably decently since my suppose injury last august but still I would think I would not bruise that easily. Also why am I so weak? I mean I can lift normal things like groceries and stuff but benching pressing is like really hard for me. It has always been hard but I just seem a lot weaker.

To tell you the truth I think a lot of this is in my head. I just do not know what to do. I wish I could just move on with my life and live it like I use to never looking back! I use to do some much fun things and now I feel like I worry to much.

5063625 tn?1386863513
I dont post much but I had to reply. You definitely moved something out of place.My daughter has scoliosis very bad 120degree curve and it caused her ribs to fuse (painful).You made the right move to make an appt. with sports medicine doc. Hope you find some answers soon.Whatever you do dont stop looking for the right help. Keep me posted plz and have a stress free day.
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Ok I know these two things for sure.

1. I drank a lot last night which I do not normally do but occasionally I do and had absolutely no back pain in the evening or in the morning.
2. When I use the TENS unit before bed I have no back pain in the morning

I believe this is definitely muscle related because if it was bone or bulging disc or something I believe alcohol and TENS unit would not be able to cover the pain up. I mean it has always been a mild nagging pain only in the morning when I wake up; and sometimes when I move to the couch which seems way more comfortable it feels better.

I am still seeing a Doctor on Friday about my back again and hopefully going for a MRI after that. Then I have another appointment with a sports orthopedic on the 26TH. We’ll see what happens there.

I still need to find a good Physical Therapist; just hard to find one on my health care plan.

Remember I have been to the doctor several times about this and have had X-Rays and Blood Work done to reveal nothing. My PCP Doctor definitely believes it is muscle related. I am just thinking it is a deep muscle tear in my back or something very close to my spine on the right side; so close that I think it is my spine sometimes!

Please keep me updated everyone on any ideas you might have to help me on my journey to recovery.
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