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My doctors had no idea, do you?

I have sharp pangs in my upper chest, left and right, mostly left. They also continue into the collar bone area, and into my upper left arm, but not the right. Also into my back but more like the back side my heart not my actual back. I'm eighteen, and I do lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle. The pangs have been happening for about two-three years now. They can last anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour. They very in degrees of pain (scale of 1-10). I'm not very good at describing the feeling. it's sharp and constant no throbbing. It feels as if my muscles are being shredded and my bones are stabbing me at the same time. Breathing, moving, talking, and sitting or standing up only make it worse. Working out to get into shape triggers an attack. However I can be lying still in bed asleep and attack triggered. There is no rhyme or reason for the pangs.

My doctors said that it was the muscles surrounding my chest wall, and that they were overextended. However they also said they weren't sure if that really was it. They told me to take to weeks rest from any physical strain and I'd be fine. That was two years ago. I am soooo not fine.

I do have a family history of heart disease. My maternal grandfather has had multiple heart attacks in the last few years.

Please help me. This pain in dishabilitating (sp?). I generally end up in the fetal position breathing extremely slowly and shallowly to not aggravate it.
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Also, I do have a severe case of hormonal imbalance depression and general non hormonal depression. I have no idea if this helps, at all. But I know depression can hawve a lot to do with a lot of things.

I've had the depression since I was a young girl.
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Sounds exactly like me and I have chronic pancreatitis.  Please ask your doctor to do routine blood work.  
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You know I was thinking about my answer and it was way too brief and for this I am sorry.  Chronic pancreatitis is at the moment my leading misery.  I can't say for sure this is what it is but I can tell you how it went for me.  I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in January of 2008.  Please no I am also bipolar.  Its important to remember that if you think you are having physical symptoms and it sounds like you are then don't let them tell you its all in your head!  I did this and cried thinking I was truely crazy!

Ok so the pain started in the middle of my chest and went straight through to my back into my left shoulder and collar bone area.  I was tested for everything heart problems muscular problems and tons of bloodwork done.  When you have pancreatitis they are looking for your enzymes to be elevated which mine were almost never.  After four years and a referral to a major university hospital I found out that chronic pancreatitis does not require elevated enzymes.  In fact mine was caused by a medication they prescribed me for the Sarcoidosis.  Like I said I don't know if this is it but definitly worth a look.   Good luck
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