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Neck Bump / Bump behind ear / bad headaches

Until a couple of years ago, I never got headaches.  But, now I have them just about every day.  They are rarely horrible, but a constant annoyance.  Sometimes throbbing, always a tightening sensation, in the back of my head.  Either accompanied with radiating pain on the right or straight through to my forehead.  
Last week I noticed a lump behind my right ear (like a pea cut in half on the lower part of the skull behind the ear).  Doc says it is a cyst - hard as bone and painless.
Last night I was massaging my neck  and noticed another lump where the spine meets the skull (egg sized and shaped - soft) but when I pressed on it to determine if it is soft or hard I set off a headache that won't stop.  Now the neck, head are radiating in pain.
Saw chiropractor said my C1 is inflammed and not to touch and should go down on it's own.
I was wondering could these headaches, earaches bumps etc be related?  Is it something I should delve into further or just let it go?
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Well, doesn't look like anyone had any answers.  

I went to doctor and he thinks it is that my muscles all tightened up right where the nerves go into my skull and gave me a muscle relaxer. First morning after taking one the bump had decreased some, but the headaches did not.  I was, however able to finally sleep. Throughout the day I took another half pill and the headache was less by bedtime. Day two it hasn't gotten any smaller and still have headache, but they were around 5-6 now between 3-4.
Does anyone know what could have caused this in the first place?  Or how long until it is gone for good?  Anything else I can do besides rest and take the muscle relaxers to speed things along?
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