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Neck MRI - chronic neck pain

I thought I'd pose a question regarding the results of my c-spine mri to see if those familiar with these might shed light on whether anything seen would explain daily pain.   I don't know if my pain is coming from the osteophytes mentioned or from somewhere else such as the muscles or ligaments. They are as follows:

At C4-5 there is minimal diffuse disc osteophyte bulging, minimal effacement of the anterior thecal sac with minimal central stenosis, no foraminal stenosis or disc herniation.

AtC5-6 there is a small postereolateral disc osteophyte present minimally narrowing right neural foramen.  This may impinge on the exiting right C6 nerve root.  There is no central stenosis.

No central or foraminal stenosis or disc herniations at other levels.
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You need to describe your pain in detail.
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It is at about the C5 level I would estimate and mostly midline, slightly to my left side mostly.  Often it is a dull achy feeling but it does feel inflamed (ie. I can feel it is swollen when water runs on it at times).  Other times, when it gets worse it turns to more of a burning and even a bit of a stinging pain as well.  Lying down helps it, but doesn't necessarily get rid of it (it comes back upon getting up).
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So its primarily still in your neck at this point, that's good that's an indication that's it's not severely pinched. Your not getting any pain in your upperback, shoulder, arm and hand?

It's like you said "disc osteophyte complex may impinge on exiting right C6"

I assume you're seeing a Doctor, are you having any treatment for this?
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I went to a neurosurgeon who was not concerned at all with it.  Told me to take Advil or something, which of course doesn't touch the pain at all.

I have been doing some physio mainly as far as treatment.  Just tightness in upper back, no real pains otherwise.

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