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Neck Pain in right side that stretches towards front near Esophagus

Hello, I believe I have posted on this community before about some other back problems I have been having, stemming from an auto accident in late 2009 (broken pelvis).  About two weeks ago I got a really bad pinched nerve in my spine basically right in the area that lies between my neck and my shoulder blades.  Since then, there have been some issues with sleeping and sometimes it has seemed to have gotten worse over the course of the night when I wake up and can hardly move.  I have been doing some PT exercises that I was shown to help loosen up my back and chest areas in an attempt to relieve some of the strain that is being put on my neck.  Now, it is just on the right side and I have been trying to do neck rolls and some stretches to get rid of the pain.  All this being said, my biggest concern is now there is a slight discomfort, not a pain going around to the front side of my neck. Not actually on or in the Esophagus but just in that general reason and I am fearing it could be from smoking (on and off for 4 or 5 years but recently been more with the addition of an Adderall prescription).  My question is if this muscle pain I have been having could radiate to the front of my neck? I know it is a muscle pain. But just curious as to if it could stretch around to the front.

Thank you.
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I have similar issues - constant muscle spasm and tension in my neck/shoulder blade which recently has been also causing other areas to be affected.  One of them being my throat - or at least it feels that way.  Mine is also on the right side, and it feels like there's something in there like a lump or bulge.  Also feels like it's constricting my throat, like there's pressure-kind of a choking feeling.  Are you having that?  For me this started about a month or so ago.  It's freaking me out because I've never had it before and I have some health anxiety problems so I keep thinking it's...who knows what.  Someone suggested to try lying on your back, neck relaxed - then grabbing small sections of your neck, pulling up and twisting gently to try to work out the tension in that area... I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if it works.
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