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Neck Pain

I have been suffering from constant head/neck pain for over 10 years.  The pain begins behind the ear, right side above the base of the skull.  It radiates down the spine below the shoulder blades.  I have had the following treatments:  cervical spine fusion c5/c6 due to rupture disk, botox injections to the head, neurostimulater implant 4 yrs then removed, steroid injections, and taken huge quantities of narcotic pain relievers.  I have stopped taking the pain relievers due to the side effects and now live in constant pain.  The only relief that I can get at all is by putting pressure on the area that hurts and the pain comes back immediately upon removing the pressure.  Any help that you can offer will be appreciated as the doctors are at a stalled point and we need some fresh ideas.  Thank you for your help.
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HI....since u said pressure seems to work while it is placed over the area of pain...u may want to check out the following book:

Pain Erasure The Bonnie Prudden Way by Bonnie Prudden...it is accupressure similar to accupunture...but no needles.U can see a trained therapist or teach urself with the book.

This method was created to help those with pain from fibromyalgia......it does help.

Good luck
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I agree with Selma's suggestion regarding Myotherapy.
I was scheduled for cervical coptectomy surgery on December 5 to replace C4 & 5 with Titanium cages. I have severe compression in that area. In addition I had terrible neck pain. No numbness or tingling in either hands or feet. My friends were very worried about my having this surgery which is done through the neck, since I have COPD. One friend discovered the Bonnie Prudden book and taught herself to do Myotherapy.
She tried in on my entire body in four separate sessions. By the end of the sessions my pain was gone completely. Previously I had gone through physical therapies, acupuncture, heat or cold packs, homeopathic medicine and of course all the recommended pain killers. Nothing had worked. Now I have one half hour session every few weeks. Very easy. Very inexpensive. Since I began the treatments a doctor from Guadalajara has opened up a clinic that specializes in this treatment as well.
FYI: A very reputable specialist, Dr. Hans Kraus, a doctor I knew from the sports world, is mentioned in the Prudden book as one of the forerunners in this field.
Certainly worth trying. The treatment can be very, very painful the first few times. I used to scream bloody murder for the whole half hour. Now it is just mildly painful.

good luck, "pat'sinpain"
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