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Neck weakness/Heavy Head Syndrome

I am a fit 36 yr old female.  Suffered a concussion in Nov. from a relatively mild bump to the head.  I had post concussive disorder (or now I suspect whiplash associated disorder) for roughly 2 months which consisted of dizziness and heavy limbed feelings.  For about a week of that I suffered neck weakness but that resolved and I forgot about it until March.  In March I still had residual dizziness and I was treated by a chiropractor with a very gentle technique (no thrusting or jarring movements).  He tugged on my jaw a bit and tapped on my ear in order to coax my upper vertebras into better alignment.  I felt fine and didn't believe he actually did anything until a day after my second adjustment, I strained myself at work doing something that I've done before to no ill affect (cradling the phone, reaching and tensing up for a few minutes until I realize I'm in a bad position).  This time my neck seized up and within a day I was in pain, my neck felt tense and my head felt like it weighed 100 pounds.  About 4 days on advil and rest, I felt markedly better and all symptoms disappeared for a day.  They came back a day later and its been 6 months with 2 rounds of physical therapy, visits to multiple docs.  MRI shows I have 3 discs in some state of bulging in my neck but no one seems to think that's the source of my ongoing pain and weakness.  I seem to cycle in and out of pain but the weakness has not seen much improvement.  I'm going back to my neurologist to try and figure this out but meanwhile I'm getting trigger point injections (yet to have helped) b/c everyone I've seen seems to feel the weakness is due to tight muscles and spasm.  I have full range of motion however, and though I'm tight.. I've always been tight and this has never been a source of pain or suffering to me at all.  To sum up my various diagnosis:
1.  Orthopeodic Dr. #1 - Thoracic Outlet syndrome (because I had parastesia in my left arm.. that has improved)
2.  Ortho #2 - DDD, Osteoarthritis, tight muscles causing weakness
3.  Neurologist - Did EMG on arm with parastesia which came back fine, says tight muscles are causing weakness
4.  Neurosurgeon #1 - Osteoarthritis, possibly Fibromyalgia (I had shooting night pains all over but that has since subsided), neuropathic pain, prescribed me Neurontin which I never took
5.  Neurosurgeon #2 - Whiplash Associated Disorder, doesn't think findings on MRI are to blame for what I'm feeling and suggested accupuncture/trigger point injection
6.  GP - Tested me for Lyme, Myesthenia Gravis, Lupus, RA, Sjordgens.. all negative.  She has no clue.
7.  Physiatrist #1 - wouldn't even look at my MRI, believes this is myofascial pain syndrome, advised trigger point injections and myofascial release and exercise
8.  Physiatrist #2 - says I've got wood in my muscles and desparately need trigger point injections which I'm now on round 3 of and if anything I've been feeling worse.
9.  Neurologist #1 - on my way back to him this week to make sure that the EMG he performed included the cervical paraspinal muscles.

My treatment course thus far has been, exercise, PT that includes myofascial release and cranial sacral massage and trigger point massage.  I take advil when it's bad, muscle relaxants when I feel particularly tensed up and alternate ice and heat frequently.  I don't have a good handle on what triggers my episodes of pain but when I get them they go on unabated for a good month then may suddenly disappear for 2-3 weeks.  When the pain is gone the weakness feels somewhat improved but I've not been 100% since March.  Major concerns are permanent nerve damage somewhere that no ones looked..  Current state today:  Neck pain (3/4),  neck weakness (4/5), mid back pain (4), low back pain (2/3).  

Any ideas?  
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