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Need relief

Over 3 yrs, I been experiencing severe back pain that causes my back to lock up, in between my shoulder blades, lower back pain that send pain down my right leg and my shoulder joints ache.

The pain comes and goes, but in Nov. I had an episode that is still lingering. My doc thought it was Fibromyalgia. I got an MRI, results: Annular tear in C3 and DDD in L4nL5. But told by my Chiropractor that my results were normal. Now im left with no cause,,,

I was placed on Cymbalta for Nerve damage. The pain is still there, I cant walk long distances before my left muscle below my shoulder blade tenses and stays tight.

I also been going thru Accupunture for the past month. Heat doesn't work and cold provided short relief. I have no answer as to what is going on and I don't know what to do, I just want to stop hurting.
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I hate to hear your having such pain. I have suffered extreme back pain since 2007(some kind of digenerative disc). I remember the doc saying your gonna hurt when you move and when you dont. Anyway what im trying to say is, until you can get some more answers, take it day by day. Make accomodations around your home to help you out or have someone come in and help. Take it easy best you can. I absolutely hate pain pills but sometimes have bad spells that I have to take them. Even on occasion if its a bad time where i cant move at all I have to go to er for some pain shots.

Have you tried muscle relaxers? I have found more relief from them then the pain pills. Also lydocain patches are great. You can put them where ever you need them. Listen to me, I sound like a promoter of meds. I am anything but. Sometimes they are just needed for relief. Good luck to you. I hope you get some relief soon. Daisy
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