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Norco/vicodin addiction

I was in a car accident 4 months ago.  An MRI showed i have a moderate protrusion in L5.  I am waiting for a referral to a neurologist.  I have been taking Norco for 4 months.  Is is possible my body is addicted?  What are some warning signs.   When I run of Norco my back hurts, I am chilled to the bone and i am tired all the time.  Are signs of addiction?
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In all likelihood yes, you are physically addicted.  But, here's the thing.  Don't go off the meds.  You are on them for a reason.  If you need them right now for pain, then take them and treat your pain.  No doctor worth his salt will look at a physical addiction that did NOT involve misuse of the medication and judge you.  

When that time comes, explain that you are having withdrawal symptoms and your doctor will give you advice on how to manage that then.  Addiction happens with these medications and doctors know that, but it's better than losing your quality of life to pain.
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Sorry about your problems.
A couple of points.

Waiting five months for a referral is a long time-that is terrible. However, you might want ot see a back/spinal surgeon instead. Back problems related to disc abnormalities are better diagnosed by he/she. Bring copies of your MRI films- not the radiologist report. L5-S4 are normal areas od disc degeneration in everyone and the disc may not be the cause of your pain.

Regarding the pain meds... your are not addicted to the drug technically, you have become dependent upon them. The signs are your need for them and need to take additional amounts to combat the pain. If you have been taking them fo four months you have reached that point.

Talk to your PCP about the situation. And Good Luck
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Just to make you feel better, i was in a car accident 4 years ago and have been taking percocet since, but i have to look at it like this....if i didn't take the meds right now the little bit of life that i have would be gone, and i just keep looking to the future of completing my surgeries and getting off of them.  i just had cervical disc replacement done a week ago and will need same thing done on my lower back....so the pain is unberable, there is nothing else that you can do when you are suffering.  i know it wont be an easy road to getting off of the meds, but at least the pain will finally be gone.   be strong
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