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Odd symptoms back & menstrual pain

I have had abnormal bleeding for years, since high school. I bled for about four years straight every single day in high school. I would soak my gym shorts whenever I did strenuous excercises. Now, I have low back pain. If I do something that causes my back to really start aching, I will start having pre menstrual cramps then full on bleeding with severe gas pain & bloating. I would have to take over 24000 ibuprofen tablets (200mg) in one day to get through & to slow down the bleeding. Otherwise, the gas would make me throw up & blood would soak my clothes. I use clothes & have stopped using pads.
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Hi there!

Well, with severe dysmennroea possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations, hormonal/ endocrine imbalance, haematological issues etc. Possibilities other than gynaecological reasons for backache may need to be considered as well. It doesn’t make a difference if one uses pads or a cloth pantyliner, tough disposable pads are a bit more hygienic. Aside taking OTC NSAIDS there is little that I can suggest online. I would suggest consulting a primary care physician or a gynaecologist at your earliest convenience for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Finally saw a gyn & got a ultra sound (second one) this time they saw a large fibroid that is distorting the size of my uterus & a possible cyst. I have to go back.
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