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Ortho or Neuro to Pick for my Lumbar Disc Fusion?

44 yoa healthy male less my chronic, lumbar pain, 24/7, constant throbbing/aching w/a steady 6/7 & up pain level.  Years of back pain, gradual.  1st Discography is negative.  A 2007&09 MRI reveal L4-5 & L5-S1 DDD/herniations.  All Ortho's deny me as surgical candidate for discography does not support it and I have never had, nor to this day, ever any leg radiating pain.  ONLY in center Lumbar.  I have exhausted all Interventional procedures, i.e. P/T, Chiros, epidurals, facet blocks, etc.  PM meds. band aide the pain till my system gains to much tolerance, and I take a "drug holiday".  Never been addicted to any med., but cannot work or even socialize without.  I am looking for a surgical solution, not a remaining opiate style of life.  A current Discography in 1/2011 however is POSITIVE & referring Ortho "will now" perform surgery as medical proof is there, even though the 09' MRI clearly shows the DDD in above levels.  Million $ question is now:  Ortho v. Neuro Surgeon?  I have been told I have a healthy and strong spine.  And we all know Ortho is bone & Neuro is nerve, right?  And it is the nerve telling my brain to pain me.  On 1/31st is my 1st time ever Neuro Surgeon consult.  Either way, it is Ortho or Neuro to do the Disc. Fusion I need.  I am leaning towards Neuro, for all data I have read and research done. Your thoughts please?  Thx. for the read n your time!  MegaLumbarPain out.          
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I think it would depend on my level of comfort with the doc.  I am inclined to go neuro, too, but would definitely check the doc out for good references and passed successes. An awesome ortho might outdo a lukewarm neuro...even though it is nerve that registers the pain to the brain, it's the bone that is impinging on the nerve.  Best of luck, and speedy recovery!
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Thanks for taking the time and your response!  Will know more after the 1/31st Neuro consult.  Might other current or past "been there" Members have some insight for me?
Till then, trying to remain positive and enjoy the NFL games today and not think about back pain.....:)
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