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    About 4 weeks ago i it felt like i had enlarged painfull glands under my jaw bone neck area .
This has gone down but has left me with a feeling of discomfort in that same area .
I have been to my GP twice and neither doctor could feel any glands up and said every thing was fine even though i am aware of discomfort and even slight pain ,
I have had a full blood count done and thyroid check all was fine there too .
I still can feel  a lump on each side under my jaw bone and if i lie on one side and press on a certain part of my jaw there is pain , but as i stand up it dissapears
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I have the same problem plus more in my jaw and face area.  I know that all this is made worse or caused by problems in my thoracic area, altho the docs won't agree (altogether) to a certain degree they will.  

Anyways, you have two muscles around those glands that are called Pterygoid muscles.  They may be giving you a problem.  Do you grind your teeth at all?  I hold alot of tension in my jaw and that also compounds the problem.  Maybe a TMJ specialist or pain clinic doctor could treat those muscles.  I get botox injected in my scalenes and massiter muscles which does help.  But like I said when I can get my back a little better, then everything up there is better, almost gone.  

Good luck and keep me posted cause I'm still looking for answers too!!
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