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PLEASE HELP ME OUT > Chronic pain in calves, thigh and lower back


I am a 25 year old male

I never had any back issues, or chronic pain issues until about 2 years ago.

First what happened 2 months before leg pain started (which might not be connected) was that I had bladder issues (pain while urinating) BUT never had been waking up to urinate and never found any absolutely none bacteria or any infections after going trough tests. So I just took it as my anxiety and symptoms started going away on their own. Today (2 years later)  I get pain after urinating and it goes away after few minutes, that is all and compared to my symptoms before it is 10 times less so like I said I took it as my anxiety as I have had episodes of panic attacks and similar problems before which I learned how to deal with myself.

Anyways, few months later:

At the time I had been playing football/soccer very intensely which included a lot of quick movements on a hard ground so I wasn't surprised when one of my thighs started to hurt. I thought I'd take a pause for a week but when I tried again it started hurting again.

The feeling was as if I was trying to run and my thigh (my inner part of leg just below my groin) was holding me back from doing it. After taking more pause and trying again and trying to run trough pain I eventually developed pain in BOTH of my thighs and stopped playing for a few months to try and heal it.

But, after taking longer pauses the pain was still there when running.

Now that wasn't a problem at the time but after some time of not playing I realized that sometimes I would get thigh pain after a night out and drinking. Tomorrow my thighs would hurt and also my legs would feel cramped but it would stop after a day or two.

Moreover, after maybe 4-5 more months had passed I started feeling more and more lower back pain and pretty much for the last year I have had:

Lower back pain that gets worse by sitting for a long time and I think sleeping as well but not as much as sitting and when I sit I try to fix my posture all the time because when my back relaxes without something to support it starts hurting.
I also get buttock pain but not it is not severe.

Also after I stopped recreating as much I put on weight BUT I am not overweight at all. I was underweight at the time (had maybe like 66-67kg and now I have around 74kg on 180cm height so idk maybe symptoms were caused by getting on weight and stopping excercising combined with some thigh sprain or something?)

The pain in my thighs is more like a burning sensation.

My thigh area hurts and when I walk I still get that weird feeling like it's pulling me back

My calves hurt most in my legs, they both hurt and when I do excercises they are are the most painful to stretch (but I always get a lot of motion still)

Stretching does help me but not enough to convince me that it is actually working as much to do it daily

I feel a bit fatigued but not sure if it is connected

I have a family history of herniated disks, back problems etc all around my closer family

I also have a family history of slight anxiety issues that are never severe but which might contribute to me overthinking my pain and amplifyng it?

I also decided to do something about it this summer so I went for a lower back xray scan and everything was 100% okay apart from a SLIGHT lordosis. I didn't go for any further into tests because... I think I'm too scared because I keep thinking it is something very serious and am afraid to find out.

I haven't been doing any physical excercise apart from walking and stretching. I also have to point out that I have a feeling like my legs are weak but I never actually get any proof of it.

For example > I can walk for 10 miles and my legs will feel kinda weak/somewhat painful and kinda like I can't fully feel them BUT I can walk this distance pretty much every other day without any problem.

Also, I can walk for an hour and I will not feel increased leg pain. (I will feel leg pain but the one that I always have)

And also my father had his first disk herniation at 25, my sister as well but they all had episodes that were extremely painful and went away but I have chronic pain that was NEVER severe

Also I don't think the pain is getting worse over time and if it is the symptoms are developing extremely slowly and when they had been getting worse it was getting worse by months passing by and I think in last few months I had not developed new symptoms but it is absolutely not going away...

Anyways that's it I think I covered it all however if anyone has any questions I can provide more information.

Thanks in forward
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