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Pain in lower back after lift very old furniture

This last Monday I helped another person to lift for a small stairs ( 3 gaps ) a very heavy old disc machine ( something like they had in 50’s ) right in the moment I didn’t felt anything maybe 1 hour later I started to fell strong pain in my lower back the pain goes also to the leg and sometimes arms and I fell the legs weak sometimes , I have done some massage yesterday and the muscles located right above my buttocks they fill very sore especially in the right side it’s fills very painful to drive and also is not very good to lay Down .

Now if you will ask me to see a doctor I would gladly go but I can’t I’m in a different country than my own and I have no have insurance. But long story short it should cover me as I’m in the European Union and I’m citizen of another EU country but the trick part is that they want some card that I don’t have and I really don’t want to end up with a 5.000 dollars/ Euros bill .

My uncle wife is a orthopedic doctor and she think that I probably don’t have anything too serious or I would not walk or stand the pain . My pain is moderate .

Do you believe the problem I have is related to muscles or a nerve like sciatica ?

Thanks .
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Well, you could have a muscle strain or pull?  Also the lower back where you describe is heavily attached to your hamstrings.  I had a low back issue and the medical massage therapist I went to released it through my hamstrings. Sounds weird but it is all connected.  

I'd try this ---  take ibuprofen.  It's a pain reliever and reduces inflammation.  I'd do gentle stretching.  You can use a heating pad and/or alternate with an ice pack.  Have you ever seen or heard of menthol patches?  They can come in size large or xl which is probably what you need.  Icy Hot is a brand, salan pas is another brand. You get them at the drug store.  Put that on and it can be very helpful.  There is a natural product called arnica.  These are all US names so you may need to google for what it is called where you are.  But I'm sure they are all available as they are quite common.  This is in lieu of going to the doctor which would be best.  Massage is awesome, highly believe it that.  But don't forget stretching too.  

Give it a week or so and if you are still in pain, you may need to bite the financial bullet and see someone about it.  Maybe the orthopedic doctor family member would be willing to help you.  Let us know how you are doing!
Yes I bought a heating pad that covers half of the lower back ( the ones you say don’t sell here )it similar to this icy hot but it only heats I put last night in the muscle in the lower back right side just above the buttocks I would say that my pains almost entirely  dessaperead so I suppose Its something related to this muscle and because the pain would also go to the legs and arms sometimes my guess is that this muscle is hurted and somehow pressuring a nerve maybe the so called sciatica.

I will keep using this heating pad .

Thanks for the answer

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You are welcome. How are you doing now?  Any better?
Yes I have got a muscle relaxant with a friend and have beeing taken ibuprofen 70% of the pain is gone by now I hope next week I will be fine .
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