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Pain in shoulder and numbness in hand/arm

I've had a severe pain in my right shoulder in the middle for a long time. It comes and goes lots of people have told me it's probably w pinched nerve but I've never had it checked out. It's been going on off and on for about 7 years. Also just recently my left arm and hand have had a burning numb feeling just from my elbow down to my second knuckle on my fingers/thumb. What could this be?
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This can be a serious concern, if you are losing musculer control in that arm, and if you believe it to be nerve damage than my advice is to get to your DR as soon as possible. An Electromylogram should pinpoint the nerve problem. The physiologist will put needles into your skin as a conducter, but other than mild discomfort, you will be fine. Dont delay this at all. Sounds like you have waited some time anyway.Get it done, or risk losing the use of your arm. I know, I have nerve damage in my right arm. Did you get in an accident?If so report it.! Dont let anyone deter you. I lost my feeling inmy right arm for almost a year. Take care of this , NOW!!!
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It's just the top of my arm and hand that has the burning numb feeling. Ive not been in any accidents recently the last one I was in was when I was 6 months pregnant with my now almost 4 year old son. The numbness just started happening about 3-4 days ago. The soreness in my shoulder has been going on forever. I plan on having it checked on soon.
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I agree, get an EMG. If you can. I was in car accident 6 months, among several other problems, I had an EMG done and confirmed I had cervical radiculopathy. I have a lot of pain and numbness in my arm and fingers. Tons of pain in my shoulder blades.

Hope your feeling better soon!
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