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Pinch in my lower back?


To start off, I'm 19 years old.  I consider myself in above average shape due a strict workout regime at the gym (weights 4 days a week, cardio 3 days a week).  

A couple years back I had this horrible pinch in my lower back, specifically on the left side down where my spine attaches to my pelvic bone (the pain was about an inch above that spot).  The pain has since then occurred about 3 times all of which were painful experiences.

Just today I was at the gym, i ran 20 minutes so about 2 and a half miles.  I then proceeded to do sit ups on the decline sit up bench.  (Legs hooked over the end and leaned back at about a 25 degree angle).  I relaxed went to do a sit up and BAM the most agonizing pain i've ever experienced.  I actually stumbled off the sit up bench, and got on my knees holding my back.  Not only was it very painful, but I lost most of my vision and my hearing for about 45 seconds to a minute.  I'm thinking possibly the hearing and vision was because of the rapidly flying up when the pain occurred, and having just run a few miles i was short on oxygen.

Any ideas on what this is would be extremely great.  I work at an office, and go to school, so lack of sitting in a chair isn't really an option.  


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you may have pulled a muscle, or you may have irritated a nerve root. if you did not feel pain shooting down to your foot, then you probably pulled a muscle---most likely a quadratus muscle.
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Thank you.  Any idea why the pain would reoccur over a course of years in the exact same spot?  Should i emphasis building muscle in my lower back?

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yes i do haver an idea---- POSTURE or repetition injury.
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The pain reoccurs because your body stores the memory of the injury, and later can become reactivated if the conditions are similar.
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The pain reoccurs because your body stores the memory of the injury, and later can become reactivated if the conditions are similar.
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You can validate this for yourself if you concentrate on a time when you injured yourself (might want to avoid times of considerable pain and start light). Re-experience it fully. See everything that occurred at that time in full color and motion as much as possible, your body and joint position, what you were thinking at the time, etc. Once you are really there again, you may begin to feel the pain of the injured area turn on. Continue running through the experience from beginning to end, over and over, many times, and you may begin to notice the pain reducing, and also reducing the chances of the injury from reoccurring.

Hope that helps.
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