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Please help with any advice?

I have been in pain for 7 years, with a plate in c5-6, in constant  pain I am on oxycodone 10mg 4xdaily
soma 350mg 4xdaily
naproxen 500mg 2xdaily
lorazepam 2mg 4xdaily
Pls help with the pain I go to pain clinic to get cervical epidural but no more.  I have had 4 of them and 52 trigger injections in 2 visits.  Any Help?
mscontin and fentanly i was on but was afraid to have to go up the ladder so I tappered off.
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I have been on both MsContin (currently taking as long acting medication & oxycodone for breakthrough pain) and fentanyl... both work well... for me (everyone is different) the MsContin works best along side the oxycodone (immediate release). I am a chronic pain patient now for 13 years and I am 32 years old and I believe if you hurting you must consider all your options and go with the one that best manages your pain so that your quality of life improves. With the tablets you can always take a lower dose if your pain is under control and with the patch you can take it off but you cannot really take less without the possibility of causing more harm than good... thats just my 2 cents worth... good luck and I hope my point of view helps...
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Dear Tadpole,
Has your Doctor talked to you about spinal cord stimulation?  You may want to ask him/her if it is a treatment option for you.  I wish you all the best.
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