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Post surgical pain after cervical disc replacement

Pain after having an artificial disc replacement~
I had ruptured discs at c5, c6, c7 and the surgery was to use an artificial disc at c6 to alleviate pain.
Right after surgery, I felt great, but about 2 years post surgery, started having pain again.
Now, and dealing with severe headaches that start at the base of my skull, and are like tension headaches.
Also, severe muscle spasms in upper back and shoulder areas (both sides) that are not responding to muscle relaxers, exercise, massage, or ultra sound therapy.
Help! Need some advice!
Had an MRI and MRA about 3 weeks ago, that show no reason in the brain as to why I am having such bad headaches, there is no rhyme or reason to the episodes either.
They can happen in an instant and can go away quickly or linger for a day or two.
The disc is the Prestige artificial disc, and I am involved in a study group.
The doctor that did the surgery says that the pain I am experiencing is not from the disc itself, so he is no help.
I feel like my shoulder and the sides of my neck are constantly tensed up, and I can crack or pop my neck sometimes and that relieves the pressure, but some days, the pain is so intense, I just want to take something to make it all go away!
I do have an office job, but try to get up and walk around the office often, and I do exercise often, walking, SCUBA diving, light weight lifting.
Any suggestions would be great!
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I had an artificial disc replacement,-- C5-6 the Bryan artificial disc in March 2004.
I am now experiencing pain in my other arm and back of my neck.  I am in the study here in Reno, Nev.  I was rear ended in 2005, 1-1/2 years ago. I have just recently started having this right arm /neck pain.  Something is just not right.-?I am taking percocet almost every day,had an x-ray and they said everything looked ok.  i am now waiting for an approval for MRI - somethingis not right in my neck!!  I AM GETTING NERVOUS ABOUT THE PAIN. I will keep you posted.  anyone else with problems 2 years after adr??
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I am thinking that something is not alright with my neck after hearing all of you out there with the same issues!
I feel like the muscles in my neck and shoulder have been injured or something.
I only take a muscle relaxer when I feel I really need it, but have been living with pain for way too long now!
I am still active in the study group for Spokane, Washington, but am having my x-rays taken here in Saipan.
Mrs. Beads, please keep me posted on your MRI!
I am ready to call my Doctor today and tell them something has to be going on in my neck!
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My husband had the prestige disc placed in his cervical spine in Oct. 2006. Although the pain is different from prior to the surgery, he has headaches, the weather really effects him and he is in constant pain, activity can really make things worse. It is like the pain(after the surgery) has never gone away. Some days are really bad other days are not. It is really hard to find information from others who have also had pain post surgery. We are not thrilled with the thought of injections that may or may not work and are concerned about the prossibility of taking meds for the rest of his life. I am glad for the post, I wish there were study results somewhere. It has been a long hard road, if anyone has had experience with anything that really helps with the pain, muscle aches and headaches I would truly appreciate hearing from them.
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Ok.. I am not losing my mind. I have had 2 fusions C4-C7. in one year. Still in pain. Different pain than before the surgeries. Numbness in right index finger. Pain in left shoulder and numbness in shoulders that radiates up my neck. Recently went to a different Dr. and they said SECOND opinion. My x-rays shows one of my cages is crooked. I am so scared after having 2 surgeries already, Thought it was in my head. NOT!   Weather affects me.. good days and bad. I hear crunching in my neck when I move my neck certain ways. Recent Dr. said my neck is crooked..too. Looking for answers.  
Renee In Texas
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I had c6&7 May 07 and am in more pain then be for I had the surgery.  I am taking pain meds but do not no for how much longer. The pain is unreal funs down the back of my neck down my left shoulder my arm hand numdness in my ring and little finger I have also have mind bending head ach  I can call them that because I have a history of bad head ach, and these are not the same.  I have had mri of my head and neck I am told that there is no reason for the pain.  PLESAE HELP   PLEASE  
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I just found this forum and I am looking for help if there is any.  I read some of the comments and just about burst into tears.  I had a car accident in Nov.'07 and just had a Prestige Artificial Disk replacement done on Jan'08.  I had a ruptured disk with two bulging above and below. The doctor said this would help but by the end of January, I have had a severe headache every day.  I also have shooting pain through the left shoulder blade and left arm.  Muscles hurt all the time feel so much tension.  I thought I was just needing to get through for a few months but doesn't seem to get any better. He also said it looked a little crooked at the last check-up after surgery but thought it was my posture. I am going for my 3 month check up this next week and looking to see if this is normal.  Any help on questions to ask my doctor would be great.  They are trying to lower my dosage of pain meds but I can't function with all this nagging pain.  Is this normal?  Any response is welcomed!  God bless you all!
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