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Pressure on chest

Hey there,
I came to this forum in the first place to ask about this subject.  I was worried a little bit about some pains under my left shoulderblade and pressure on my chest.
I feel the pressure in the middle of the chest, just one spot about 8 cm in diameter (I hope I spelled that right). I think that place is called the sternum.
The pressure feels like a tightness and makes breathing deep harder, it causes me to take more shallow breaths. This only happens in moments. It comes and goes.
Three days ago it started, it was a bit more then it is now. Only the feeling under the left shoulderblade became worse, it wakes me up at night sometimes.

I was wondering about what this could be. It did not seem bad enough to go to a doctor. Also my doctor has too many patients and usually does not listen very well. Even when my mother had a pneumonia he said it was bronchitis and send her home with nothing. Some days later she was hospitalized and had to stay for 1,5 week.
So going to him is not my fav thing to do, because I really have to make an effort to make him listen. I never go because of that.
So that is why I ask it here first, it is not 'that bad' but its odd to me, and I wonder about what it is about.
I would really appreciate your insights about it.
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