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Hi, I'm new here and I just found out the I have three bulging disc in my thoracic back two of them are pushing on my spine. The pain is on the increase and getting old fast I havd a problem with pain med in the past and I got myself off of them. I just found out through a MRI of this so haven't seen the pm dr yet , but here is my question befor I got married  I told my wife about my past and for the past two years I have be on and off of loratab and spazem med for my back well I would take two of the 7.5 at a time and when I would run out I would be in alot of pain so after our baby was born she got some perks and with out telling her I took those when I didn't have any loatabs , so now she think I will do everything in my power to get narcodic from this pm dr but I'm not after that I want this pain to be managed so I can do the things I wanna do . I've been without anything now for 4 weeks and the pain is back and strong . Lastnight she told me it was either her and the baby and be in pain or be pain free and on my own. I don't know what to even say to her when she says this stuff and don't know what I should tell the pm dr either can anybody help me out with this or am I doomed.):
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Hey Austex,
  I feel your pain man.  You are stuck between a rock and a hard place aren't you?  You desperately need proper pain management but due to your past, such an action is forever stigmatized.  First, apologize PROFUSELY to your wife for sneaking her meds.  I have meds dissapear in my house and no-one ever cops to it and it is a MAJOR source of trust issues.  I have started locking my meds in a lock box because of it.  Second, explain to her WHY you did it and try to get her to understand just how much excruciating pain you are in.  Promise her you will never touch her prescriptions again (and mean it) but that you have decided that you can't live like this and are going to talk to your doctor about the pain you are in (until your get a scrip though, tylenol + ibuprofen and fish oil may help).  Considering you're condition, I don't see them having any problem giving you a good scrip for Tramadol and Flexeril or something like that (ask for 100mg tramadol as the 50's barely touch my pain) .  I say Tramadol because they are supposedly non-narcotic but work better than OTC meds.  THEN use it as maintenance dose AND add in Ibuprofen OTC for swelling and such.  I predict you will feel much better.  If you are uneasy considering your past, I would recommend going to monthly counseling to deal with your past addiction issues and to help you feel OK with managing your pain.  It will also give you some good coping strategies for dealing with your wfie's fears.  The trick is NEVER, EVER, EVER take more than the prescription says, NEVER take them for fun, etc.  If you are genuinely in pain, you will need every daily dose until the next refill and will only scr*w yourself towards the end of the month, not to mention jeapordize your marriage.  I really hope this helps but if you have any other questions, just ask.

Best wishes....
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Your not doomed. Be as forth right with ur pm dr as possible. There are non-narcotic medications out there to try. Being honest with her/him about ur past addictions will help ur dr come up with the right concoction for u. Have u ever tried a tens unit? As for ur wife, I can underdstand her stance. U have been in the past, a pharmacutical addict, u stole ur wife's own pain med's...it ain't going to be easy, sounds like u have a lot of proving to do to her to help her make sure ur not just wanting drugs. U could have her accompany u to ur pm dr appts, hear what she/he has to say about ur pain, and then to help elliviate ur wife's concerns, she could be the dispenser of ur narcotics if u received any. Best of luck to you, have a nice day:)
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hey there is ultram that is the same as narcs but the are non nacs and i us them for a hernated **** in the neck along with bulges of the disc of the neck they are the best non nacs my freind takes them for his back but not all the way just to the point that they make it better> the pain is still there but not as bad just have to learn to deal with the pain > it is better they losing ur family over it they say with this and mpt different from normal pt it will go away . that is what i'm being told so i take them >i still have pain and sometimes it break through the med but its all i have > try them they may work good for u everyone is different so it is worth a try right i got them from a pain doctor>
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