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Rib pain then itching?

There are some portions of my ribs that are sore to the touch.  If I press on a sore area, I experience severe pain.  Within a few minutes, it dies down and turns to itching.  Eventually it all calms down.  What is this?  I have cervical myelopathy and fibromyalgia.  Could be the latter, I guess.  I don't know if I should say something to the doctor or just live with it.  It only hurts when I press on it.  Sound familiar to anyone?
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My ribs just hurt when I pressed on them also! They didn't itch though. I'd simply refrain from pressing on them. I'd see your doctor if this problem persists (ribs hurt without the touching them).
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Thanks for answering.  I have all kinds of weird things.  I am learning it is just my nervous system being out of whack but I really want more answers.  
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I too have right rib pain, but mine hurts ALL the time.  Everyday, all day long.  Sometimes the pain is an extremely sharp jabbing, stabbing, take my breath pain.  I also have nausea along with that.  Who knows what all of that is about.  I've been put through all kinds of testing.  (ct scan, various kidney test, and lab)

Itching "could" be a sign of either liver or kidney problems.  The least they could do is some blood work to make sure the liver and kidney are functioning well.  Is it both ribs, or just one.  
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