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Right Dural Root Cyst C7-T1

I have had numbness and tingling in my left hand and arm since 2005.  MRI showed a dural root cyst on the C8 nerve and I was told at the time it would resolve itself and not to worry.In the past two weeks I have lost the ability to use my left hand effectively and the pain is unbelievable.  The worst part of this is I now have no insurance and cannot get the surgery I need to have it removed.  I have tried government programs but was denied for a myriad of reasons.  Private insurance companies will not cover this because it is a pre-existing condition.  They would re-evaluate only after one year of coverage and it would be no guarantee of benefits for the condition.  And No coverage would be offered in the first one year for the condition I wish to get treatment for.  What can I do to try and ease my pain?  I cannot afford to see the doctors I need to see.  Any suggestions?  
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Hi and welcome to the back and neck support forum.

I know there is help for those in ur position.Did u lose ur insurance bcuz of the economy?
U might want to try a University or a clinic.....I would venture to say, that it may be best to get insurance and try to find a way to hold out for the yr.

nething u do at this point is going to cost alot of money...accupuncture....massage.....u may want to look at posture to see if u can hold urself in a way that it is not adjitated.

I wish I had answers for u...maybe another member will comment....

I pray u find relief soon
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Thank you for the words of comfort.  I have been seeing a chiro for over 10 yrs, and he told me that this would happen.  My acupuncturist told me that he could only offer temporary relief, (maybe an hour or two).  I am working with an Orthopedic Surgeon who is not charging me for visits and he has been a godsend.  I need an MRI and to come up with the money for the surgery.  That's the hard part.    

Thanks for the good words.  I am trying to see the good in this, but it is hard for a Bass player not to have use of their fret hand.  

Thank you for listening.

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Hi Vicky,

U were very fortunate in deed to find  the Ortho Surgeon that will treat u and not charge....I hope u get the money soon for ur MRI.

May I ask the type of music u play??

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Yeah, the doc is way cool for helping me out.  I play a mix of classic rock and doo-wop.  I know, it's weird for my age but I love it.  I'm hoping to be able to play again soon!
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Tell me who u cover......I am curious as to what u consider classic rock...Doo-wop i know....my dd loves all that music too and she is younger than u......I believe it is a form of being well rounded....lol.....

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My husband and I both play original music.  By classic Rock I mean any Rock and or roll from the late 60's to mid 70's.  After that it kind of all goes down hill.  

I saw the ortho surgeon today.  I need an MRI.  He said he can feel a large mass in my left shoulder/neck area.  He is making some phone calls to see if he can get me someone to do it for free.  This man is a godsend.

I'll keep you posted.
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Hi.....wow u said a mouthful...what a great dr!!

Well then the music u r playing is all from my youth....I am sure I'd love to hear some.....

Thanks for the update and I will check back  to see when u get the MRI.

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