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SI Joint pain

I started using Opana for chronic pain. Because it makes me so tired, depressed and lethargic i am taking Ritalin to counteract it. I am interested to learn people's experience with this pain medication. What side effects you do you experience? Are there other MEDS you find better? What MEDS have you used?

I have DDD in L4/L5 which is quite painful. I can't stand without pain. I can sit for limited times. I use heating pads and cold packs. I exercise 4-6 days a week in a pool to keep strong but it doesn't seem to help with the pain at all though it is beneficial for me overall health.I am wondering  what people do to cope with this type of disease, including any procedures or surgeries.

I have become very depressed due the lack of mobility due to the pain.

Any experience you share would be helpful.

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Hi, I have DDD in L5, SI and I have been practically crippled for 9 months now. I take advil and valium as needed. My tolerance to meds is very low.  I get too many side effects.  I stretch several times a week, but my life *****!  A year ago I was hiking, dancing, sledding, swimming and now I am in pain, sitting, standing, walking or lying down.  Its all lower  R quad in the front , shoots to the lower R back, goes up to the buttock, around to the hip and down the R thigh.  How long have you had pain?? And what are your symptoms?  WE both have L5, so wondering if any pain would be similar....
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have you tried si injections from your pain dr? if they get it just right,it may help immensely. it helped me greatly but i learned that i couldn't do certain things like ride a bike or anything strenuous or i was right back where i started.my insurance only allowed 3 or 4 per year. wishing you the best !
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