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Severe Back Pain and loss of mobility after T12-L1 fusion

Hi I'm new to the forum, but have been searching for anyone who can give me some advice on my back pain.  I would really appreciate if anyone who has had a similar fusion, or any medically qulaified person can provide advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

The details of my problems are:

I had an accident in which I fractured my T12, it was an unstable burst T12, so it was decided that a fusion to stabilise the fracture was the best course of action.  The surgery went OK. However I was subsequently told that MRI's showed that I had a congenital kyphosis of the spine due to a congenital failure of segmentation at the L5-S1, and a posterior hemi-vertebra at the T12 level.

The orthopaedic consultant told me that I might find that I would have a loss of ROM post-opereatively, as to compensate for the L5-S1 failed segemntation I had been using the T12-L1 to compensate, which was most likely why the T12 had fractured in my accident (a fall of 15ft to a concrete floor), and that the L5-S1 problem had led to a posterior pelvic tilt, chronic tight hamstrings and sciatic nerve impingement.

12 month Post-operative MRI's showed that the T12-L1 had fused fine, however I now had a Limbus Vertebra at L3, schmorls nodes throughout, marked degeneration of the spine, dystrophy of the facet joints, in addition to the L5-S1 failure of segmenation problems.

I have been trying to understand how all this has affected the mechanics of my spine, I find it incredibly difficult to sit down for any length of time, and can't sit in low seats, instead having to semi-sit/lean on the arm of the sofa.

If anyone can give me some insight into what all the above means for my range of motion, and what, if anything there is I can try to improve it, I would be extermely grateful.

TIA for any help

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