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Severe Right Neural Foraminal Stenosis

What is the suggested treatment for the following diagnosis?

" Multilevel degenerative changes worst at C5-6 where there is a right paracentral disc osteophyte indenting the cord with severe right neural foraminal stenosis secondary to disc osteophyte and uncal vertebral/facet osteoarthritis."

Thank you.
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What about your symptoms? Physical examination?
That's more important for you to chose therapy.
Take care!
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go see 2 neurosurgeons..I had a similar problem...fusion surgery..not as bad as it sounds..if you wait you may suffer permanent nerve/muscle damage..good luck
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I've made an appointment with a rumatologist hoping I can avoid major surgery.  My right arm keeps going numb and tingly and I'm dropping things.  The right side of my neck and jaw always seem heavy.  Dr. says fusion won't cure the bone spurs forming due to the arthritis.  I've been reading about laser surgery.  Has anyone had that?

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I would start with a neurologist..get an emg test to find the cause of the nerve problem-
maybe you can avoid surgery, but you need to know the problem
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I would defenitly see a neurologist. You have bone pressing on your spinal cord. This will not get better on it's own, in fact it can get MUCH worse. In some cases, paralysis below the level of damaged spinal cord. Please get a neurologists opinion. There are things that can be tried conservately to avoid surgery in many cases, but you need to talk to the doctor to know what your situation is. Good luck.

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I have had severe neural foraminal stenosis for about 2 years now, but didn't know what was wrong until an MRI recetly (Its in the L4-L5 area with a buldging disc pressing against the nerve and making both of my feet feel like they are being scrubbed with a white hot wire brush, all the time).  This has been an unending agony and I have tried every conventional non-surgical option available to me. I was even on toxic levels of pain killers, and even doped out of my skull, the pain is still there.  It got to the point where I was chewing on a gun barrel and waiting to see how long it would take before the pain became too much to handle. Obviously, the pain was stonger than my will to end it, with extreme predjudice, and I kept looking for treatments that did not involve slicing me open and a 3 month recovery time. Being a self-employed musician, I cannot afford to miss any work I can find.

What helped most was my inversion table.  It took 100% of the pain away... for about a week, and then slowly, despite my stretching, the pain came back. I have been off of all meds for about 3 months now, and stretch on the table twice daily for about 10 minutes a stretch but the pain keeps creeping back in at quicker intervals than I can hang upside down. I fear that slicing and dicing is going to be inevitable.  What is the recovery tie for a spinal fusion operation?  Is it longer than 3 weeks?
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